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What is Hemp Advocate Program?

Hemp Advocate is an initiative by Its Hemp to create a community of humans willing to talk about the transformational impact of Hemp with their friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. We engage with crazy, passionate, and driven individuals to work towards breaking stereotypes, myths, and false propaganda that surrounds Hemp and Hemp products. With this aim in mind, we are creating a well researched, authentic and reliable knowledge repository and informative social content to enable individuals to make informed choices about Hemp and help them change the views of those around them.

How it works?

Educate Hemp Advocate

1. Educate

Learn everything you need to know about Hemp with our extensive and thorough knowledge resource. Stay up-to-date with the latest news, reviews and trends in the Hemp Industry.

2. Involve

Engage and be a part of our digital campaigns, webinars, documentary projects, discussion forums, Facebook & WhatsApp groups and be an active part of the Hemp community.

Involve Hemp Advocate
Advocate Hemp with its Hemp

3. Advocate

Actively talk about Hemp: usage, products, benefits and more with your friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. Be vocal, be open, share credible and engaging information and be a Hemp Advocate.

Active Digital Campaigns


Let the world know that you are a Hemp Advocate!
Share custom created graphics designed by our in-house creative team, calling out your friends to learn about Hemp.


Share informational content covering all aspects of Hemp and know more about the wonder plant that we all love so much!


Come out in public for your love for Hemp and Hemp made products.
Click a photo with the first ever Hemp product you bought and let the world know that you support Hemp.


Learn mind boggling and astonishing facts about Hemp from all around the world along with 0ver 3500+ ways to use the plant sustainably.

Join us an become a Hemp Advocate

Educate your friends, family & acquaintances about Hemp

Register to be a Hemp Advocate and get*:


  • A Free e-book on Hemp (scheduled to Launch in 2020)
  • Access to our digital learning resources via email
  • Regular Sharable content delivered to your mail box
  • Access to Telegram & Facebook Community Groups
  • Special invites to Advocate Meet ups & other events
  • Discounts on Hemp Products sold at ItsHemp
  • 50% off on the Hemp Advocate Hamper


*These perks are subject to availability & may change without prior notice.