5 Essential Hemp Products to Use in Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has brought everything to a standstill. In between complaining about staying indoors and re-watching our favourite shows, we are trying to get a hold on some essential products to use in the lockdown.

While groceries, soaps, and toilet paper top everyone’s list, there are 5 hemp products that everyone thinks are safe to use during the lockdown. These are products that are helping hempy people keep their health in check and satisfy their sweet tooth.

5 Hemp Products Everyone Loved in Lockdown

Hemp Masks

Of course, masks are essential products in the lockdown! And those who care made it a point to make these highly dispensable products sustainable and recyclable.

Hempstrol created these organic pollution masks from hemp fibre with multiple layers to keep the bacteria out. The masks are a combination of Hemp and Muslin that makes them soft and convenient.

To make it more useful for the users, the creators have added an adjustable bead to adjust the hold of the mask over the ear.

What we love about it?

The simplicity! Masks are going to be an important part of our lives for a long time now. And while many are viewing this as opportunity to go creative, we love how neat, tidy, and simplistic these masks from Hempstrol are.

To add a touch of variety, these are available in two colours—beige and light green—both really soft and breathable colours. These products are safe to use during the lockdown, and after!

Another player in hemp masks is Hemis with their handmade masks. These guys have used the traditional combination of Indian hemp and organic cotton to create a 3-ply mask.

The added layers are an advantage for keeping dust and bacteria at bay. The mix of hemp and cotton makes breathability easy.

Hemp Value Packs

Immunity, Immunity, Immunity! If that is not your ultimate life motto now, what’s the point? Making nutritious meals easy, and essential, in the lockdown are these products in Hemp Value Packs from different brands. Featuring products from Health Horizons, BOHECO, and India Hemp Organics!

Health Horizons brings forward the best of hemp’s organic nutrition in their mini healthy pack. Compact quantities of hemp seed oil, hemp hearts, and hemp seed powder. Complete sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6, this mini healthy pack is the easiest way to boost your immunity this summer!

The second ultimate value pack is from BOHECO Life. This combo has 1000g of hemp seed powder, 500g of hemp hearts, and 500ml of hemp seed oil. This package works great for those who want to gain the benefits of hemp for a longer period of time.

And let’s not forget the Mega Value Pack by India Hemp Organics. Focusing on the holistic benefits of hemp, their combination of hemp hearts, hemp seed oil, and hemp powder is perfect to start your hempy journey into a life of complete well-being.

What do we love about it?

The combination of hemp hearts, oil, and seed powder adds nutrition into our meals in different forms!

CBD Drops

The third category of essential products that’s been keeping people company in the lockdown! These super-convenient CBD oil drops from 13 Extracts. Pure isolates, these CBD drops are catering to the needs of the users across various dimensions.

The CBD drops from 13 Extracts vary in strength from 250mg to 3000mg. And come in a number of flavours. These CBD products are adding a touch of wellness, health, and calm in people’s lives during this pandemic.

What do we love about it?

Well, it’s CBD! These drops are convenient to use and can easily be measured using a built-in dropper. These are good for sublingual or direct consumption and blend well into regular food items too.

Hemp Chocolates

Because there’s no denying the sweet tooth. Very surprisingly, users are adopting hemp chocolates as essential products in the time of lockdown.

These mini hemp chocolates from The Himalayan Hemp Chocolate Company are becoming a new favourite among users. These contain organic hemp seed powder and shelled hemp seeds.

What do we love about it?

The chocolates are compact and bite-sized which makes it really easy to sneak in a punch of nutrition in our diet.

Hemp Lip Balms

Using the right skincare products in the lockdown is just as essential! To stay hydrated and pretty during the lockdown, hemp lip balms have gained popularity as a safe beauty product in the lockdown.

The organic range of lip balms from Hemis and Satliva in assorted flavours is serving as the perfect beauty essential for users.

What do we love about it?

They’re delicious! Yes, we said that. But this range of hemp lip balms is rich of flavour and adds a touch of freshness with every application. They’re soft on the lips and their packaging is convenient too.

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