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  • What is the difference between Hemp & CBD Oil?

    When talking about natural oils, hemp oil and CBD oil often top the list. Though we use the two phrases interchangeably, there is a very basic, and important, difference between them. Although both come from the hemp plant, there is a difference in their usage and effects on the human body. Hemp, in general, is […]

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  • What is the ECS?

    Talking about Hemp, CBD, or cannabis at large, is incomplete without talking about the ECS. By now we know it by our hearts that the THC and CBD in the cannabis plants interact with the ECS in the human body. But do we really know what the ECS is? How does it work? And what […]

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  • Medical Marijuana—Things to Know Before Using

    As medical marijuana gains fame among consumers and healthcare providers alike, ItsHemp believes it’s imperative to educate the community about the rudiments. A growing number of people are advocating the use of medical cannabis for treating multiple health conditions ranging from lack to appetite to anxiety and epilepsy. But before you embark on the journey […]

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  • Sustainable Fashion—The Need of the Hour

    The fashion industry does its part in contributing to the pile of wastes lying around on the planet. Considering the pollution and scarcity that we are currently dealing with, it has become imperative for us to live sustainably. One essential part of our living is clothing. I don’t think that needs an explanation. The problem […]

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  • Start-ups in India betting on Hemp

    Despite a rich history of Cannabis use, dating back to over 2000 years, Cannabis is highly misunderstood in India. The plant is illegal and criminalised under the NDPS Act of 1985. But like everything, Cannabis has been caught in the waves of change. Several companies across India are enthusiastically creating businesses around the crop. India’s […]

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  • CBD and the Human Brain

    CBD is becoming the most famous cannabis compound with each passing day. With an increasing number of studies on its therapeutic effects, it is drawing the attention of everyone. So far, we know that CBD helps in relieving patients from anxiety, lethargy, chronic pain, and some other conditions as well. It is the new favourite [...] Continue Reading