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Uses for Hemp | Why Use Hemp?

The entire world seems to be talking hemp. From its origin to the very many health benefits it provides to the hundred different hemp products, the uses for the hemp plant are unending. For us personally, hemp is a guilty pleasure. At least for as long as everyone thinks it’s the same as marijuana.

If you’re like us, you’d be searching for legitimate reasons to indulge in this guilty pleasure. Well, allow us.

A sustainable solution

Hemp offers sustainable solutions for our unsustainable practices.

  • It is grown organically, without any chemicals and is, therefore, a healthy and nutritional supplement.
  • Hemp is the most environment-friendly answer to soil pollution. It can help save our farmers from the distress caused by the usage of pesticides.

Other uses for hemp include:

  • Hemp can also be moulded into synthetic plastic which is completely biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Hemp paper provides an alternative to cutting down trees faster than they can grow back. One acre of hemp yields the same amount of paper as 4 acres of trees.
  • Hemp-based crude oil is 85% greener than gasoline and can easily be used in existing transportation vehicles.

Healthy, natural, organically-grown supplement

Hemp is a natural and organically-grown supplement.
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Growing hemp requires zero to no pesticides which makes it a natural, organic, and healthy supplement.

  • It can easily serve daily nutritional value. In fact, this is one of the healthiest uses for hemp. A 100g serving of hemp serves 64% of the daily nutritional value of an average adult.
  • Also known as the Miracle Food, hemp is nutritionally superior to the popular flax and chia seeds.
  • It offers an amazing balance of essential fatty acids, fibre, amino acids, and protein.
  • Hemp-based food items are perfect alternatives for daily protein. For people allergic to dairy, soy, or gluten, hemp milk is a saviour. Its seeds and oils add extra nutrition to your daily diet.

Hemp can feed, clothe, build, and heal the world

A sustainable hemp alternative is available for all present-day needs.
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The uses for hemp, in the form of several byproducts, can serve at least twenty-five thousand different applications. It is a renewable natural resource that can help in manufacturing a thousand different products.

  • We can add hemp to our everyday life in the form of seeds, oil, and sprouts. It gives a nutritional boost to the body. Its richness in the natural oils required for good brain function makes it a preferred food ingredient.
  • Hemp fibre weaves clothes, apparels, and accessories in all forms. Hemp clothing is similar to but stronger and more durable than cotton.
  • Industrial hemp has enjoyed much popularity owing to its durability. It can be moulded into a concrete-alternative called hempcrete which, when used as a building material, acts as natural insulation for a house.
  • The medicinal properties of hemp are no news. Hemp has properties that help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, weak immune system, neurological disorders, heart-related issues, and cancer and epilepsy as well.

And perhaps the top of the craziest uses for hemp is that it can revive the economy for our farmers as a profitable plant. It is easy on the soil, requires less amount water, and almost no pesticides, and is therefore, an ideal plant to cultivate. And the fact that it can be made into a product for practically everything is just awesome.

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