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  • 5 most common misconceptions about CBD

    If there is one substance that has managed to become the most exciting focus of medical research and popular media, it is Cannabidiol (CBD). From healthy food shelves to effective cures for medical conditions, CBD’s presence is, seemingly so, ubiquitous. It is the compound that has doctors rethinking medicine and governments redrafting policies. Increasing researches [...] Continue Reading
  • How to buy CBD oil in India?

    The CBD oil industry is becoming the fastest growing industry of 2019. With cannabis increased acceptance as a medical supplement, CBD is blazing the trail for all non-THC cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The only thing wrong with the elevating popularity with CBD is that reliable information is scattered across the web. And in order [...] Continue Reading
  • How does CBD oil help senior citizens?

    Cannabidoil is presently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The major credit for this goes to products such as CBD infused oils and edibles which are delivering notable benefits to its users. These users belong to all age groups and backgrounds. However, one section of the CBD consumer population that particularly benefits, [...] Continue Reading
  • How is CBD oil made?

    The world is talking about the many health benefits of CBD oil. The recent legalisations of industrial hemp have boomed the sales of CBD products. This is inspiring the manufacturers to expand the variety of products they offer. And among all of that, CBD oil remains the most popular. CBD oil is a major ingredient [...] Continue Reading
  • CBD and the Human Brain

    CBD is becoming the most famous cannabis compound with each passing day. With an increasing number of studies on its therapeutic effects, it is drawing the attention of everyone. So far, we know that CBD helps in relieving patients from anxiety, lethargy, chronic pain, and some other conditions as well. It is the new favourite [...] Continue Reading
  • CBD—Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CBD? CBD is one of the two major cannabinoid compounds present in the hemp and marijuana varieties of the cannabis plant. It has neuro-protectant, analgesic, and inflammatory qualities. Unlike the other cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. Can CBD get you high? No. CBD does not contain any psychoactive component. Using CBD-based products present [...] Continue Reading
  • Everything you need to know about CBD

    The world—or at least some parts of it—is in the middle of a cannabis revolution which is being led by a CBD-centric moment. With CBD-based products expanding their horizon every single day and scientific research backing its many benefits for the human body, an increasing number of people are developing an interest in the substance. [...] Continue Reading
  • Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil—the difference.

    While we appreciate how everyone has been talking about the many benefits of using hemp and CBD oils, there is one mistake being made. A lot of us have been using the terms hemp oil and CBD oil interchangeably. Those of us less informed on the matter might not think it to be a big [...] Continue Reading
  • Relationship between CBD and the Human Body

    There is a lot of buzz around the many wonderful effects of CBD oil on the human body. We talked about it briefly when we were listing the benefits of using CBD oil. In fact, with increasing number of researches revealing the many health-positive potentials of the CBD oil, it is becoming a personal favourite [...] Continue Reading
  • CBD Oil: Benefits and Uses

    Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical that makes up about 40% of the cannabis extracts. Over the years, it has become a hot topic among the natural health circles owing to its wonderful effects on everything from mild pain to chronic illnesses. CBD oil is usually made by extracting the CBD from the cannabis [...] Continue Reading