Freelance Music Producer

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ITSHEMP is a platform that works to enable the mainstream adoption of a healthy cannabis lifestyle.

Location: Hybrid

Compensation: Project Based

Job Type: Freelance

Reporting To: Content & Media Head

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ITSHEMP is an online platform that works ­­with brands and consumers to enable the mainstream adoption of a cannabis lifestyle. We are looking for a hard-working, innovative music producer who values professionalism, is passionate about the process, and works with a positive attitude.

 You should consider applying for the role if you can:

  1. Gather ideas and inspirations for projects.
  2. Run recording sessions.
  3. Rearrange compositions or suggest changes to lyrics.
  4. Handle technical work including audio editing, sound designing, and ghost production.
  5. Assist the creative team to achieve the sound(s) they’re striving for.

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