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Hemped Up Chocolate Brownie Balls with Hemp Hearts (Pack of 6)


Add a pinch of hempiness to your celebrations with these little balls of deliciousness. ItsHemp Bhaang Chocolate Laddus offer a modernized taste of the most ancient food item–bhaang. Contrasting layers of dark chocolate and roasted hemp hearts create a unique taste experience that lights up the heart. These heavenly bundles of chocolate are the perfect way to shower love and affection on the special someones in our lives.

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Holi Special Bhaang Chocolate Laddu (Pack of 6)


made with hemp hearts, jaggery, and D-15 dark chocolate, each bhaang chocolate laddu is rich in omegas, minerals, and antioxidants.


well, duh! The combination of hemp hearts, cocoa powder, and jaggery gives it an earthy yet chocolaty flavour.

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so that you can grab it on-the-go. A perfect little ball that makes the best gift and the healthiest dessert.


Because that’s what a laddu is supposed to be! Hemp hearts and nuts combine to form the perfect crunch that satisfies your taste buds.



What makes this product special?

Healthy. Nutritious. Made with love.

How does it make your life better?

Duh. Dessert! 

Why do we recommend it?

Guilt-free munching!

Unlike typical desserts, it’s nutrient-rich and contains healthy sugar.

Additional Information:

Each laddu contains:

  • Hemp hearts
  • Jaggery
  • D1-5 dark chocolate compound
  • Lots and lots of love <3

Disclaimer: These laddus are made from dark chocolate and hemp hearts and do not get you high.

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Pack of 6

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