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Immunity Booster Pack Basic

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Add a touch of nutrition to your diet with Hemp Hearts packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals. Rich in Protein and Omega-3,6 &9. Replenish yourself daily with a few drops of CBD to suits your needs. CBD Isolate Drops are a great source of enhanced wellness and vitality.

This pack is ideal for daily consumption by a single person for a month.

Hemp Hearts 500 gm

Shipped Separately.

CBD Drops 500mg

Shipped Separately.



All-natural hemp hearts are a powerful nutrient booster that boosts your immune system and strengthen your metabolism. They are the single source of protein, healthy fats, and essential amino acids along with key vitamins and minerals. The perfectly balanced ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids also helps in keeping the skin young and healthy. Hemp seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties that assist in pain relief.


CBD has been studied to have calming effects on the body. Good-quality CBD drops can help manage everyday stresses, support a sense of calm, and help in healthy recovery from workout. They are also a great way of maintaining general well-being.