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7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang on itsHemp
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You can go anywhere in the world, eat absolutely anything—the juiciest bacon, the finest tea, the creamiest cakes—but you still won’t find deliciousness like Indian hemp dishes.

There is just something special about our desi dishes cluttered with the craziest spices. And when we add bhaang to it? It doesn’t get more Indian than that!

We took up the task of adding a hempy twist to some of our favourite Indian dishes and here are the best ones we like!

hemp semolina halwa
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Bhaang Wala Halwa | Hemp Semolina Halwa

Among the most famous Indian hemp dishes, halwa takes on a healthy colour with a touch of hemp hearts.

There are 2 ways to go about adding a hempy twist to sooji halwa. You can either make it in the traditional way garnishing it with hemp hearts right before serving. Or you can roast hemp hearts along with the sooji.

We like the taste of the second one better. The roasted hemp hearts add a nutty flavour to the halwa. For the sweet taste, we use jaggery which leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Bhaang Wala Parantha | Hemp and Methi Parantha

A popular choice from North Indian breakfast dishes with a twist of hemp. Paranthas with a cup of chai is the favourite of many. And it becomes even more delicious—and healthy—with a twist of hemp.

Hemp & Methi Parantha have hemp seed powder as the main ingredient. We add it to the dry parantha batter (flour mixed with methi and spices) and knead it in the usual way.

Hemp seed powder adds a boost of protein to the paranthas, making it just the right choice for breakfast. The texture of the parantha remains the same with an earthy aftertaste.

To add to the nutrition, you can season the paranthas with hemp seed oil!

Bhaang Wali Lassi | Hemp & Mango Lassi

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Could refreshing summer drinks get any better? In Indian hemp dishes, bhaang-lassi strikes a special chord in the hearts of Indians!

We don’t want to get your hopes up so let’s get this out of the way. This is not the bhaang lassi you’re thinking of. That is to say, this one won’t get you high. But it will get you healthy!

Think of this lassi as a smoothie that gets a boost of protein and minerals from hemp hearts. Paired with mangoes, it provides a naturally sweet taste. And what better than milk to devour on a warm summer afternoon!

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Bhaang Ki Chutney

Oh! You absolutely have to try this traditional Himalayan delicacy. An everyday food item in the native villages of Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand, bhaang ki chutney is among the few Indian hemp side dishes that’ll have you craving for more and more.

The main ingredient here are hemp seeds which we roast with pudina (mint) and grind in a mixer with rock salt and a pinch of water.

The roasted hemp seeds bring out a strong earthy taste that’s unlike any chutney we’ve had before.

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Bhaang Ka Namak

Another Himalayan delicacy that should definitely be on your list of foods to devour! The salt from roasted hemp seeds makes for the perfect seasoning with fruits, vegetables, and as a replacement to regular salt!

After roasting hemp seeds, we grind them in a mixer with rock salt, cumin seeds, and some traditional spices!

This is one of the few Indian hemp dishes that combine the best of the flavours.

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Bhaang Wala Pakoda | Hemp Bread Pakoda

How about adding hemp to another one from the popular Indian dishes? Who doesn’t enjoy a bread pakoda with a cup of chai?

And when it has bhaang in it!

You can just add to the deliciousness of bread pakodas with a pinch of hemp hearts.

They bring out the crunchiness in the pakodas and leave a nutty aftertaste—something that pairs perfectly with chai!

7 Indian Dishes You Can Cook With Bhaang
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Bhaang Wale Ladoo | Hemp Heart Ladoos

These little balls of heavenly deliciousness only get better with hemp!

Hemp Heart Ladoos are like til ke ladoo, only healthier and tastier.

The prominent taste here is of roasted hemp hearts and jaggery with a nutty aftertaste and a scent of earth that just lingers on.

Want to know more recipes that you can #cookwithbhaang? Check out our Cooking with Bhaang e-cookbook that has 30 curated recipes for hempy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts!

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