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We believe Cannabis can transform who we are, how we live, and the way we experience life.

The versatility, sustainability, and health benefits of cannabis constantly amaze us. Living in the Himalayas for most of our lives, we've witnessed its use in everyday products like, Ayurvedic medicines, food, clothing, accessories, construction, and more. We want to make these benefits and uses of cannabis products available, accessible, and affordable to a billion people in India and then the world.

ITSHEMP is a platform that works with brands and customers to enable the mainstream adoption of a healthy cannabis lifestyle.

For our Customers

ITSHEMP started as a digital marketplace out of the wish to give people a reliable place to buy hemp, CBD, and cannabis products. However, in the past 2 years, it has grown to be so much more. It is now a single online destination for all things cannabis that offers consumers an experience—from discovering a product to learning about it to finding different ways of using it.

Discovering a Product

With our intuitive AI-powdered search, easy-to-navigate menu, and robust recommendation engine, customers can discover different hemp, CBD, and cannabis products—for humans and pets. Each category is neatly divided into relevant subcategories that allow consumers to browse one or more products of their liking.

Learning about a Product

Our blog, The Wonder Resource, is an extensive resource of well-researched, in-depth, and referenced articles that helps customers learn about the uses and benefits of cannabis products as well as the brands behind them. From calculating CBD dosages to understanding how prescriptions work for medical cannabis in India, consumers can find answers to every question.

Adopting a Product

Our text, graphic, and video tutorials help customers understand the different ways of using cannabis products in their everyday life. Through a set of useful fashion how-tos and e-cookbooks, quirky (and sometimes funny) videos, and experiential stories, we guide consumers towards a mindful adoption of a cannabis lifestyle.

For our Brands

The ITSHEMP platform connects cannabis brands from all over the world to Indian customers. We help both new and established brands reach a wider audience base in the country. Additionally, our digital footprint extends to over 8 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, UAE, and Nepal which gives our brands some much-needed cross-border exposure. ITSHEMP also works with hand-picked international brands from Europe, the USA, and the UK enabling them to enter the Indian market conveniently without any hassle.


Our brands get access to thousands of targeted customers daily through our platform and partners. With innovative marketing campaigns, we help create a buzz around the country, educating masses about cannabis products and the brands bringing these products to them. We also ensure consistent exposure for brands through extensive SEO, PR, and advertising collaborations.


Building a strong digital presence requires time and resources. We provide 24x7 customer support to all the brands listed with us. Every brand we partner with has access to our brand relations team that offers help, advice, and expertise whenever needed. We also extend our support to brands for their product development, pricing, cataloguing (product shoots, descriptions, editing, etc.) and more.


We believe that our community grows stronger when our sellers work together with us. We host regular feedback sessions to discuss and solve problems, analyse performance, create growth strategies, plan product launches, and share regular updates with our sellers. We also plan to hold (when COVID-19 allows) yearly seller meet-ups to bring our cannabis community closer.

Our People

are young, dedicated, and ambitious! With over 25 years of combined work experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, product development, and consultancy, the ITSHEMP team works to enable the mainstream adoption of a cannabis lifestyle. We are united by a common goal to utilise the power of a single plant (cannabis) to nurture a world with healthier people, healthier planet, and healthier technology.

Srijan Sharma, ITSHEMP

Srijan Sharma

Founder, CEO
AnjaliThakur ItsHemp

Anjali Thakur

Brand Relations
DeepikaJamwal ItsHemp

Deepika Jamwal

Sales & Support
RaveenaPaul ItsHemp

Raveena Paul

Deven Khanna, a practicing Advocate in the High Court of Himachal Pradesh and a member of Himachal Pradesh Committee for Cannabis cultivation

Deven Khanna

Legal Advisor
Where India buys Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis Products. on itsHemp

Lav K Joshi

Finance & Compliance
TusharMahajan ItsHemp

Tushar Mahajan

Digital Experience
AkhilVashisht ItsHemp

Dr. Akhil Vashisht

Health & Medicine

Press and Media Features