We envision ‘Hemp’ as an alternative, eco-friendly resource for multiple industries & products.

Its Hemp is a digital platform that enables the discovery and adoption of natural, eco-friendly Hemp products in Indian and global markets. With Initiatives like Hemp Advocate Program & The Wonder Resource along with an Online Marketplace, we aim to make Hemp Products a regular commodity.

We are working towards being a one-stop-solution for Hemp brands to educate, engage, market & sell products to consumers globally.

In order to build a comprehensive eco-system, we have started a number of initiatives in partnership with other organizations which either support or align with our vision of informing people about hemp and enabling them to transition into a Hemp-based eco-friendly lifestyle.



Hemp Store (old) by Its Hemp

Hemp Shop: A Hemp Exclusive Marketplace

Its Hemp is creating a Hemp Exclusive Marketplace that showcases a collection of Hemp Products from various brands, manufacturers, distributors on a single platform. With products ranging from apparels to supplements to edibles to accessories, etc. listed on the platform, Its Hemp will enable discovery of Hemp products, giving thorough, well-researched and user-focused information for all the products listed on the platform.

The Wonder Resource by Its Hemp

The Wonder Resource: Learn about Hemp & Hemp Products

Its Hemp blog is India’s foremost resource for all things Hemp. With articles & information ranging from basics of Hemp & CBD to enabling lifestyle choices through topics like Living & Cooking with Hemp, we are constantly improving the quality & variety of content that is updated on Its Hemp Blog. Our contributors come from all over the world and help us diversify both in terms of content and the readership we gather.

Hemp Advocate Program by Its Hemp

Hemp Advocate Program: Talk actively about Hemp

Hemp Advocate is an initiative by Its Hemp to create a community of humans willing to talk about the transformational impact of Hemp with their friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. We engage with crazy, passionate, and driven individuals to work towards breaking stereotypes, myths, and false propaganda that surrounds Hemp and Hemp products.