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Hemp for Immunity | Top 7 Products in India

In addition to strict diets and workout regimes, people are also turning to plant-based alternatives that boost the functioning of the immune system. One such alternative is using hemp for immunity. Hemp seeds are a storehouse of nutrition. And they can easily complement our diet and exercise regime in the form of seeds, hearts, oil, powder, and more! This article highlights the top 7 Hemp Foods in India that can boost your immunity and general well-being.

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Hemp vs. Whey Protein | on ItsHemp

Mind-blowing 3 reasons to choose Hemp Protein over Whey Protein

Hemp vs.Whey Protein, which is better? An increasing number of health and fitness enthusiasts are asking this question. Hemp Protein Powder is gaining popularity for being a complete source of protein. With the advent of plant-based diets and lifestyles, more people are exploring hemp’s potential as a source of complete protein.

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How to buy Hemp Oil in India? on itsHemp

How to buy Hemp Oil in India?

You can use the same hemp oil extract as a hair and massage oil, for sore muscles, and to cook. And while that is absolutely wonderful, it also gets chaotic. It is possible to get confused trying to figure out which hemp oil to buy for pain, which one for skincare, and which one for cooking. That is why it is important to base your decision to buy hemp oil in India on education and awareness.

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Types of cbd

Types of CBD: Full-spectrum vs. Broad-spectrum vs. Isolate

In order to truly reap the benefits of CBD, it is important to understand the difference between the different types of CBD extracts. Each CBD spectrum contains different cannabis compounds which affect the quality, potency, and effects of a product. In this article, we understand the basic difference between full-, broad-, and isolate CBD spectra

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5 Hemp Heart Recipes You Can Easily DIY on itsHemp

5 Hemp Heart Recipes You Can Easily DIY

We’re hearing a lot about the nutritional boost that hemp seed can add to any meal! Just a couple of spoonfuls of hemp seeds and you’re done with your daily nutritional value. That’s easy health right there! So here, to share our love of hempy food (#hempkatadka), we introduce to you 5 delicious foods that you can make with hemp seeds. But before we treat our taste buds, let’s remind ourselves why it’s great to add #hempkatadka to our diet.

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Buy Hemp Protein Powder in India on itsHemp

Hemp Protein Powder in India | All You Need to Know

Hemp Protein Powders is a vegan, plant-based source of complete protein. It is soy, lactose, and gluten-free. Regular use of hemp protein powder boosts metabolism, enhances immunity, and can aid in improving athletic performance. In this article, we understand the basics of hemp protein powder along with 7 product recommendations.

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Buy CBD in India | on ItsHemp

How is CBD oil made?

CBD oil is a major ingredient in nutritional, medicinal, and beauty products. It is, in fact, the one ingredient that makes a product more sellable (and more buyable). Amidst all the different types of CBD products that you can buy in India, CBD oil remains the most popular. But how is CBD oil made? Let’s learn.

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medicinal cannabis

A new medicinal cannabis economy?

The Isle of Man, is looking to diversify its economy with medicinal cannabis. This will be a turn in the traditional island economy which was majorly known for its offshore financial services. The British crown dependency is likely to license 10 firms by the end of 2025 to initiate economic growth in this sector. The same will also open avenues to grow and export medicinal cannabis products from the island.

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