Its Hemp charges a service fee from each seller on the platform in the form of commission on the sale.

Selling Commissions ItsHemp

Current Charges

Payment Gateway Charges: 2.1%+taxes for India & 4.4% +$0.3 for Global

Fixed Closing Fee: ₹10/order

Commission Calculation Structure

Its Hemp has a unique commission structure which enables you to sell more products through our platform.

The more products you list, the less we charge you.

Number of Products Listed Service Charge*
Upto 5 27%
6 to 10 26%
11 to 20 25%
21 to 50 24%
50 to 100 23%
Over 100 22%

*The service charge is exclusive of any taxes.

Note: The final commission rates on products may vary from the above mentioned rates and will be communicated via email to the sellers upon successful onboarding.