Delhi’s hemp start-up gets funded by a leading business giant


Established in 2020, Ananta Hemp Works has gained recognition in the hemp industry due to its innovative business approach. The company’s mission is to reintroduce the versatile herb, Hemp, to society, dispelling past misconceptions. The evolving landscape of the Indian Hemp industry indicates the potential for a green revolution in India.

The industry is experiencing rapid growth, attracting the attention of influential figures in the Indian business world, such as Mr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta. Support from government authorities like AYUSH and FSSAI, as well as certified Ayurvedic doctors and satisfied consumers, is fueling the resurgence of hemp as a remarkable resource. Hemp’s numerous benefits have been documented in ancient literature like Charak Samhita and Vedas, emphasizing its boundless potential. Ananta derives its name from this concept, as “Ananta” means endless in Sanskrit, symbolizing the endless benefits of Hemp.

Founders Abhinav Bhaskar and Vikram Bir Singh are dedicated to building Ananta Hemp Works. The company offers three product ranges: Hemp Nutritional Range, Hemp Personal Care Range, and Hemp Wellness Range, with a sub-brand named CannaEase that includes a small segment focusing on pet care.

Bhaskar and Singh express their vision to capture a significant market share, not only in sectors related to medicine, nutrition, and personal care but also in other areas. They believe that hemp has the potential to become the backbone of numerous businesses and aim to promote Indian Hemp globally.

Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, Ananta’s philosophy is centered around reintroducing the benefits of ancient plant-based remedies to the mainstream. Their new-age medicine, with its classical and proprietary formulations, has garnered positive customer testimonials and represents a powerful force in their industry.

Ananta’s goal is to collaborate closely with policymakers and doctors on the ground to ensure widespread access to their medicines and bring about revolutionary change in the field of healthcare. The company has established partnerships with Ayurvedic doctors and is actively setting up Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinics across India. These clinics serve as touchpoints for the community, raising awareness and facilitating medicinal and wellness treatments under the direct supervision of Ayurvedic doctors. Ananta products are readily available at Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinics and can be purchased online through their website (hempworks.in), as well as through more than 20 offline and online marketplaces.

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