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In 2021, Jose, a former boxer from the UAE, discussed the power of CBD on an online platform. He spoke about how it could reduce inflammation and ease tight muscles, thus treating the cause of pain rather than just the pain itself.

Shikhar, an entrepreneur from India, joined the conversation. He shared that the Vijaya plant, an important source of CBD, has been praised for its medicinal value in ancient scriptures since 3rd millennium BCE. It is also recognised as an Ayurvedic medicine in India.

The duo soon met Bhavana, a scientist from Canada. She corrected someone that Cannabis sativa Linn. (Vijaya) does not cure COVID-19, but is effective in managing symptoms like body ache, lack of appetite, and the general anxiety around the pandemic.

Jose and Shikhar discovered that Bhavana had conducted extensive research on the medical benefits of the Vijaya plant for over a decade. She had spent her time formulating products that could leverage the plant’s benefits to address various medical conditions.

The three of them then decided to work together and create Gaanj wellness, a brand of wellness products & medicines that provides people with a safe, natural and effective alternative to allopathic & opioid based medicines.