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Wiggles Hemp Seed Pet Oil (30 ml)


“Wiggles Hemp Seed Oil is a must-have pet essential to take care of all your pet’s
needs. This oil-rounder is India’s first ever solution with benefits you can count on
your paws.”

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“Wiggles Hemp Seed Oil is 100% natural oil, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and
calms the irritation of the skin. The healing properties are such that it encourages
skin growth and new cell generation and also acts as a skin nourisher and
moisturiser without clogging the pores. Great for senior pets with arthritic pain, it
relieves the joints and relaxes them. It can be used for both oral and topical care as
per the dosage instructions given on the label. It is anti-allergic, reduces hairfall and
treats food allergy and anorexia. Its properties make it perfect to calm pets suffering
from anxiety issues, phobias related to storms, fireworks, car rides etc. Use this
natural and safe alternative to give your pet optimum benefits.
● Anti-allergic
● Maintains healthy skin
● Reduces hair fall
● Easy-to-use
● Relieves Arthritic Pain
● Non GMO
● No Preservatives
● Treats Food Allergy & Anorexia
Key feature or highlight of the product:
100% Natural, Anti-inflammatory & Skin Soother
Life stage: For all life stages of dogs and cats.
Composition: 100% Hemp seed oil (Cannabis sativa L.)
How to use:
Dosage for topical use:
For Healthy Skin & Coat: Spray it all over the body, once daily.
Skin Problems: 4 to 6 sprays on affected areas & rub well.
Arthritic Pain: 2 to 3 sprays, twice daily on affected joints & massage.

Dosage for oral use:
Cat or Small Breed Dog: 2 sprays, twice daily.
Medium Breed Dog: 3 sprays, twice daily.
Large Breed Dog: 5 sprays, twice daily.
Storage Instructions: Store at room temperature (25°C to 30°C). Protect from direct
sunlight. Refrigerate once opened.
Net Weight: 30 ml for Dogs & Cats”