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Ananta HempWorks

Ananta HempWorks, a dynamic start-up, is making waves in the cannabis industry with its innovative range of products. Founded in 2020 by Abhinav Bhaskar and Vikram Bir Singh, the company aims to challenge conventional perceptions of Cannabis plants and harness their medicinal properties through the use of Cannabis Leaf Extract, as permitted under Ayurveda. This vision was born out of Abhinav’s personal experience in finding relief from his autoimmune disease-related pain through Hemp-based medicine.

Cannabis, known as Vijaya in modern terms, contains over a hundred compounds, including CBD, CBG, and CBN, which have proven to be effective in alleviating pain associated with genetic diseases, physical injuries, stress, anxiety, and various other illnesses. By manipulating pain perception and restoring hormonal balance, Cannabis offers a holistic approach to pain management. Abhinav’s success in managing his pain became the driving force behind Ananta HempWorks, inspiring the team to share the benefits of the Hemp plant with a wider audience. Beyond pain management, Hemp also shows promise in treating skin conditions, sleep disorders, and other imbalances prevalent in modern lifestyles.

Innovating with the Versatile Hemp Plant

Ananta HempWorks recognizes the boundless potential for innovation in the ever-advancing world of technology, particularly in relation to the versatile Hemp plant. The company has dedicated tireless efforts to establish a retail brand identity centered around hemp seed oil, which serves as a primary component in most of their products. Their diverse product range includes wellness, nutrition, and personal care items, all crafted with natural and herbal compositions, free from parabens and harmful chemicals. Known for its ability to regenerate the skin and manage acne triggers, Hemp Seed Oil products feature prominently in Ananta HempWorks’ personal care line. The company is committed to being both consumer-conscious and environmentally responsible, ensuring their products are not tested on animals, locally sourced, and chemical-free.

Embracing Hemp’s Nutritional Advantages

Hemp, a natural powerhouse of nutrients, has earned its reputation as a true superfood. Hemp seeds can be consumed as is or used to extract healthy oil, which can be incorporated into a regular diet or applied to the skin and hair. Ananta HempWorks capitalizes on these nutritional advantages by curating a range of products designed to be easily integrated into everyday life. With a focus on catering to the growing vegan community and promoting healthier lifestyles, the company aims to raise awareness about the numerous benefits of Hemp.

Unlocking the Medicinal Potential of Cannabis

Vijaya, or Cannabis, leaves contain cannabinoids that interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) naturally present in our bodies, responsible for maintaining balance. Leveraging these properties, Ananta HempWorks introduces the CannaEase sub-range of wellness products, enriched with cannabinoids that interact with the CB1 & CB2 receptors in the human body. These products have shown promising results in calming inflammation, relieving stress, and enhancing brain function, among other benefits. Dr. Preeti Bhosle, an Ayurvedic practitioner, affirms the efficacy of these products in treating inflammatory skin conditions, migraines, headaches, diabetic neuropathy, arthritis, and degenerative joint conditions. The acceptance and satisfaction among patients have been noteworthy.

Ananta HempWorks Receives Indian Achievers’ Award and Expands Collaborations

Recognized for its promising start, Ananta HempWorks recently received the prestigious Indian Achievers’ Award. The company has also joined forces with Dr. Preeti Bhosle to establish the Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinic in New Delhi. This Ayurvedic clinic aims to educate people and dispel miscon

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