• Ahs, Ums, and Awkward Silences

    Know that moment when you mention sex in front of your relatives and everyone gets awkward? That is pretty much the level of awkwardness Srijan and Apurva had on their live session on February 2nd. The duo had decided to talk to the community all about eating hemp but guess what, they forgot to prepare […]

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  • Learnings, Insights, and Hempy Lessons

    Something is not special just because it’s made from hemp. Srijan and Apurva had no idea that they believed in this myth until it was pointed out to them. On January 18th, the misfits brought together a group of hemp enthusiasts in Deer Park, New Delhi to talk about all things Hemp. Amidst Srijan’s seemingly […]

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  • Santas, Hempy Presents, and a Special Message

    We are Hempy Santas! Srijan and Apurva made everyone’s year a little hempy this month. Through a nation-wide Secret Santa, the duo got over a 100 strangers from 26 cities in the country to anonymously gift each other hempy presents! And on December 28th, all the hempy Santas came together on an Instagram and Facebook […]

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  • Internet, Chai, and All Things Hemp

    Srijan’s annoyingly excited self.Apurva’s cup of chai.A mix of knowledge and stupidity.And almost good-working internet. These were the ingredients that went into the first-ever Its Hemp Community Day. November 24th, 2019 was when more than 800 people from all over the country joined us on a live Ask Me Anything on Facebook and Instagram. Among […]

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  • MP to legalise cannabis cultivation

    November 21st, 2019: In yet another positive move, Madhya Pradesh government has decided to legalise the cultivation of cannabis in the state for medical and industrial purposes. State’s law minister, on Wednesday, said that the Kamal Nath-led government will allow the farming of hemp for medicinal purposes especially as a cancer medicine. The minister made […]

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  • Medical Marijuana—Things to Know Before Using

    As medical marijuana gains fame among consumers and healthcare providers alike, ItsHemp believes it’s imperative to educate the community about the rudiments. A growing number of people are advocating the use of medical cannabis for treating multiple health conditions ranging from lack to appetite to anxiety and epilepsy. But before you embark on the journey […]

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  • [DIY] Vegan Hemp Banana Muffins

    What could be a better start to the day than feeding your body with a burst of nutrition? These vegan hemp banana muffins will give you your share of daily Omega 3 goodness, protein, and potassium. Combine it with milk and you have yourself a super-healthy, brain-boosting breakfast! Recipe by: Ella Leché Prep Time: 10 [...] Continue Reading