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Does CBD Oil Expire? | 5 Amazing Tips to Store CBD

Does CBD Oil Expire on itsHemp
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An important aspect of making the most of your experience with CBD oil is keeping it safe. The way you store and treat CBD oil will affect its quality, effectiveness, potency, and shelf life.

In this article, we will share with you some tips on how to store and maintain your CBD oil for longer.

Does CBD oil expire?
What is the shelf-life of CBD?
Does full-spectrum CBD oik expire faster than CBD isolate?
5 Facts that Answer the Question, “Does CBD oil expire?”
Tips to extend the shelf life of CBD
Do’s and Don’ts of storing CBD
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Does CBD Oil Expire?

Absolutely! Like all other wellness or medicinal supplements, CBD oil also has a time period beyond which it can be unsafe to use.

For how long does CBD oil last?

The typical shelf life of most CBD products is 1-2 years. The amount of time for which CBD oil will stay fresh depends on a number of factors such as packaging, storage conditions, the extraction process, and additional ingredients.

Does Full-spectrum CBD oil expire faster than CBD Isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD is CBD oil that contains CBD in addition to other natural plant ingredients. These include other cannabinoids (such as CBG, CBN), terpenes, flavonoids, etc.

CBD isolate contains only CBD. In the extraction process, all the other naturally occurring chemical compounds are removed. However, to make CBD oil from an isolate extract, a carrier oil (such as MCT, coconut, or hemp seed oil) is used.

Because full-spectrum CBD oil contains natural plant material, they are prone to expire quicker than isolates. However, this does not reflect any lack of quality or efficiency of full-spectrum CBD oils.

Full-spectrum oils are more natural. They do not contain any additional preservatives which can extend the life of the natural plant material. That is why, in comparison to isolates, they can expire in a shorter amount of time.

Learn about the difference between full-spectrum and isolate CBD oil in this article.

5 Facts that Answer the Question, “Does CBD Oil Expire?”

CBD Oil Breaks Down on Exposure to Air and Direct Sunlight

Heat and air are two factors that affect the potency of  CBD oil. CBD oil is a complex mixture containing different organic compounds. Some of these compounds can react on exposure to heat and air. This causes a shift in the chemical balance of CBD oil, affecting its effectiveness.

Understand more about how heat, light, and moisture affect CBD oil.

Store CBD in the Fridge to Extend Shelf Life

Storing CBD oil in the fridge to extend its shelf life works particularly well if you live in a place with a hot or humid climate. Storing CBD in the fridge reduces the risk of CBD oil being ruined by excessive heat and moisture.

Storage Conditions Affect the Potency of a Product

How we store our CBD significantly affects the quality and effectiveness of a CBD product. Heat, light, air, and moisture are the four main storage factors that can influence the potency of CBD oil.

Excessive heat can cause the compounds in CBD oil to break down. Both natural and artificial light sources can deteriorate the quality, efficacy, and shelf life of CBD oil.

Exposure to air can lead to the oxidation of chemical compounds present in CBD oil. This ruins the chemical balance of a product, degrading its quality.

The best way to store CBD is in a cool, dark place away from heat and light. If you live in a place of hot or humid climate, storing CBD in the fridge would be best. In other cases, storing CBD away from sources of heat and light such as windowsills, table lamps, etc. is recommended.

Poor Hygiene can make CBD Oil Expire Quickly

The most common way to take CBD oil is sublingual i.e. placing it directly under the tongue using a dropper. Following good hygiene, in this case, is very important to maintaining the quality of CBD oil.

You should ensure that while collecting CBD drops under the tongue, the dropper should not touch the tongue or an external surface. Exposure to germs and bacteria can highly degrade the quality of CBD.

Food particles, saliva, or contact with contaminated surfaces can breed bacteria in CBD oil, making it degrade faster.

It is important to store CBD in a clean, cool, dry, and dark place. In the case of edibles and capsules, ensuring that your hands are completely clean also helps maintain the quality of CBD oil.

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Manufacturing Methods can affect the Expiration of CBD Oil

Extraction methods and the standards maintained while carrying them out also affect the shelf life of CBD. Carelessness during extraction processes, cannabis compounds may be exposed to external contamination or mold or fungus.

The quality of solvents and carrier oils being used also plays an important role in determining the quality of CBD. The best-quality CBD oil comes from the CO2 extraction method.

Here, CBD is separated from other plant materials using clean carbon dioxide without any solvents or chemicals.

In other extraction methods, the manufacturers should ensure that there is minimal to no risk of exposure to contaminants. Third-party lab tests on CBD oil products further verify this by checking for chemical residues and molds.

Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of CBD

Store CBD in a Cool Place

Storing CBD oil in a cool place does not necessarily mean keeping them in the fridge. Find a place for CBD oil that is away from any source of heat—natural or artificial. Keep CBD away from appliances that radiate heat like hairdryers, ovens, etc.

In places with cool or cold climates, CBD oil can be stored at room temperature. In areas with hot or humid climates, storing CBD in the fridge is recommended.

Please remember that storing CBD at low temperatures can cause the compounds to thicken and it may turn into a solid state. But this is no cause to worry. Just place the CBD oil in a bowl of warm water and it will be good to use again.

Keep CBD Products Away from Sunlight

Sunlight is a natural source of heat that can degrade the quality of CBD oil. In addition, UV rays can damage CBD products to the point that they lose their cannabinoid content completely.

Ensure to not keep CBD products near an open window or similar places that can expose them to direct sunlight.

Store CBD in Airtight Containers

The oxygen in the air can oxidise CBD compounds affecting their quality and effectiveness. It is important to store CBD oil in airtight containers.

Usually, manufacturers ensure that the packaging of CBD oil has minimum air exposure. This is the reason it is recommended to always store CBD oil in its original container.

Does CBD Oil Expire? 5 Tips to Store CBD Correctly in India
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Do’s and Don’ts of Storing CBD


  • Use airtight, vacuum-sealed jars.
  • Use opaque, glass containers.
  • Keep CBD oil away from sunlight and appliances that generate heat.
  • Store CBD oil in a cool, dry, and clean place.
  • Keep it away from the reach of pets and children.
  • Refrigerate CBD oil if the room temperature is too high or humid.


  • Store CBD near the stove, oven, table lamp, hair dryer, or any other heat source.
  • Keep CBD near an open window.
  • Leave CBD in your car or bike.
  • Leave the lid of the container open.

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