4 Fast Fashion Habits We Need to Break Right Now

4 Fast Fashion Habits We Need to Break Right Now on itsHemp

As much as we would like to deny it, we are all guilty of feeding on certain fast fashion habits. Fast fashion has ingrained in us the idea that the fashion cycle is much faster than it really should be and that our clothes can be and should be disposable. But being stylish shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet.

Let’s take a look at some of the fast fashion habits that we all can slowly but surely break out of.

4 Fast Fashion Habits We Need to Break Right Now

Differentiate between ‘need’ and ‘want’

Awareness is the key to understanding the fast fashion addiction that we all have. We should take cognizance of how we approach the shopping experience altogether. For a lot of people, shopping has become a weekly or even daily occurrence.

So, the next time you click on that ‘buy now’ option, make sure it isn’t just for instant gratification or out of compulsion. 

Cancel the Throwaway Culture

According to the Forbes magazine report, “Fast fashion garments that we wear less than 5 times and keep for a month, produce over 400% more carbon emissions per item per year than garments worn 50 times and kept at least for a full year”. 

Instead of just throwing away our clothes in the bin, we can donate them or take them to the thrift shops. Another fun and creative alternative are to repair or redesign them into another article using ‘Do It Yourself’ ideas.  

Delete those Clothing Apps

Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean we need it.”

Online fashion and fashion apps have revolutionised the way we shop and the frequency we do it with. We all have fallen prey to those attractive offers and sale notifications pinging on our phones. This is why we should delete at least one of the clothing apps so that the notification doesn’t tempt us to buy something we do not need. 

Choose Quality over Quantity

“The most environmentally sustainable jacket is the one that’s already in your closet.”

Since clothes have become cheaper, we often don’t care about their quality. We just tend to buy new clothes when old ones lose their appeal or shape.  Purchasing quality clothing generally means they’ll last longer, and would be economical in the longer run. 

Shop Sustainable 

A 2019 Global Fashion Agenda Pulse Report disclosed that “75% of consumers viewed sustainability in fashion as important or extremely important, with mentions of sustainability on social media increasing a third faster than overall social media growth in 2015-2018.”

Hence, the use of natural fibres like cotton, hemp, wool and silk is increasing in the fashion industry. 

Rent, Swap, or Borrow Clothes

Instead of buying new clothes every time a special occasion comes up, think about borrowing clothes from your friends or family or renting a piece from a local store. You can also organize a cloth swapping event with your friends or in your neighbourhood. This is an economic and eco-friendly way to top up your wardrobe. 


Breaking out of some, if not all, Fast Fashion habits comes down to individual choices. Conscious consumption, wearing natural fabrics, recycling are some of the suggestions that will really benefit in stepping away from fast fashion.

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