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All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021

Hemp Companies in India on itsHemp

This article is a list of the companies in India that are currently working with hemp, CBD, and/or ayurvedic or medical cannabis. It’s based on in-depth research and conversations with the respective brands. We’ve collated this list for anyone looking to understand which company in India does what.

The layout of the article is as depicted below:

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Please note: This collection is an alphabetical list of organisations in India working with hemp, CBD, and/or Cannabis. This list, in no way, represents any priority that ItsHemp displays for a specific brand.

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Ananta Hemp Works Ayurvedic Cannabis products in India
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All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp
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Ananta Hemp Works

Ananta Hemp Works is a hemp-based health and wellness endeavour that aims to mainstream the benefits of ancient plant-based remedies. The company is actively working to ensure that more and more people adopt an all-natural approach towards health and well-being.

Ananta Hemp Works currently showcases 18 products across the categories of nutrition, wellness, and personal care. Their product range includes hemp hearts, hemp seed powder, and cold-pressed hemp Sativa oil. Some other products available are hemp face serum, soap bar, body butter, shampoo bars, and face washes.

The company is aiming to work with government-recognised medical research institutes for the R&D of medicinal uses of hemp. Ananta Hemp Works is actively working towards making the adoption of medicinal cannabis easier. Their upcoming range of products includes various Ayurvedic formulations with Vijaya leaf extract. These will help manage problems such as stress, anxiety, skin disorders, pain, inflammation, and insomnia.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Ayurvedic Essentials

Ayurvedic Essentials is a health and wellness brand by Canna Essentials*. It offers an extensive range of organic hemp-based nutrition products. The brand works with the focus of bringing Ayurvedic, natural hemp products into the everyday lives of the people. Their current product includes hemp seeds, hearts, hemp seed oil, and protein powder.

*Find Canna Essentials in Resellers.

B Label

B Label is an organic hemp clothing brand that takes a greener route to fashion by combining style with sustainability. The brand actively works to provide products that are long lasting, comfortable, and breathable—all the while being affordable.

Presently, B Label showcases a premium range of hemp apparels for men and women with articles ranging from shirts, tops, and kurtas to dresses, blazers, formal pants, and casual bottom wear.

Their select range of contemporary cushion covers and hemp twine coasters is a true blend of style and sustainability. B Label is working to make its supply chain more sustainable. Some measures to achieve this include adopting herbal dyes, eliminating plastic, and reducing their overall carbon footprint. Their upcoming range will cater to different age groups and body silhouettes.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Focusing on nutrition and well-being through hemp, BOHECO Life brings the legacy of the Himalayas directly to the consumers. BOHECO Life has a fine range of nutrition and personal care products.

Their current nutrition product range includes hemp hearts, powder, and seed oil. The brand promotes organic natural care through soaps, shampoos, and day and night care products infused with hemp extracts.

Having worked extensively with the hemp plant, BOHECO Life is now exploring the potential of cannabis leaf extract. Working with Ayurvedic formulations, the brand is developing products that support wholesome well-being. The brand currently has a range of pain and stress management cannabis leaf extracts in 3 distinct flavours.


Based in Indore, Cannabie is a contemporary fashion brand that offers hemp-based apparels and lifestyle products to consumers. The brand works with the aim of reintroducing cannabis hemp culture in the country beginning with the youth.

Cannabie’s range of hemp clothing speaks to the contemporary youth through its collection of modernised apparels for both men and women. The brand proudly represents premium hemp clothing that is naturally resistant to mould and UV light.

Their current product range has an exquisitely knit range of tops, beanies, kurtas, and masks. The team is currently pursuing R&D for a more extensive range of hemp clothing and apparels.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Conscious Chemist

Conscious Chemist is a skincare brand working towards mainstreaming sustainable beauty that is backed by science. The company’s product range represents their efforts to make functional cosmeceuticals that are safe for the skin and the environment.

Conscious Chemist combines the best of nature with the best of science to create intelligent biocompatible skincare products. Their entire range is free of pathogens, silicon, sulphates, artificial colour and fragrance, and petroleum.

The Conscious Chemist team believes in the combined power of the botanical and scientific ingredients. Their current product range includes a clean and conscious collection of hemp-based cleansers, toners, moisturisers, and serums. Their most recent product range features products with black tea kombucha ferment, plant-based AHAs, and microencapsulated caffeine. Towards the end of 2021, they are going to launch a more comprehensive collection of safe and clean skincare products.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Crushed Organics

Crushed Organics works to bring the versatility of hemp to consumers through a fine range of nutrition and skincare products.

Their range of nutritional products includes unrefined and cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hemp hearts, and hemp protein powder.

Crushed Organics aims to mainstream cannabis-based environment-friendly cosmetics. They appreciate the increasing positive reception of consumers towards hemp and cannabis. And are aiming to provide them with the best quality products to champion that.

Their most recent skincare product range includes a Sativa face rejuvenator and Sativa beard oil. Both of these products are rich in omegas and lipids providing deep moisturization to the skin while improving blood circulation. The team is constantly working on developing more innovative hemp-based cosmetic formulations that bring the best of the Himalayas directly to the consumers.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Cure By Design

Cure By Design is a health and wellness brand that works to mainstream holistic healing with hemp extracts. The brand has a rather comprehensive collection of hemp-based formulations ranging from nutrition and safety supplies to pet products and therapeutic healing blends.

The current product range of Cure By Design includes hemp hearts, powder, oil, and raw seeds with Himalayan pink salt. In the safety supplies, the featured products are 2-layer reusable masks and rejuvenating hand sanitisers blended with hemp and tea tree oil.

They also have a CBD-infused hemp balm that is good for targeting pain and inflammation topically. Their therapeutic healing blends include body oils infused with hemp seed oil for managing anxiety, migraine, sinus, stress, and sleeplessness. Cure By Design is currently conducting R&D for a natural and chemical-free range of hemp-infused cosmetics with natural ingredients like banana, avocado, saffron, and turmeric.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Short for environment-centric, Ecentric is a clothing brand working towards integrating sustainable fashion into the lives of consumers through a broad range of finely crafted hemp apparels.

Ecentric believes that to successfully transform our future, we need to embrace sustainability in every aspect of our lives—including fashion. The company launched its range of elegant hemp clothing with the idea of making it affordable to as many people.

Their current range includes shirts, kurtas, shorts, and lounge pants for men and kurtis and loungewear for women. All of their products are made from 100% hemp fabric. Moving forward, we can expect from Ecenttric a premium knitwear collection of hemp T-shirts and dresses.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Februus Organics

Februus Organics is a personal care brand that finds the answers to healthy living by going back to the roots. The brand has an extensive collection of skincare and wellness products derived from the most natural, therapeutic ingredients of nature. Their hemp product range includes raw, cold-pressed, hemp seed oil that deeply rejuvenates the skin.


Fitskinology is a Dehradun-based personal care brand that promotes natural skin and hair care through its elite range of hemp products. Hemp-based soap bars, body butter, shampoos, and body washes have been some of their prominent products.

The brand is soon discontinuing operations and won’t be expanding its range of hemp-based products. Its parent company Amayra Naturals, however, will continue to offer quality personal care products to consumers.


Foxxy is an organic, sustainable clothing brand that offers a premium range of apparels for women. The brand works on creating fashion from organic and sustainable fabrics specialising in hemp. Their current product range includes western apparels ranging from jeans, jackets, and shirts to trousers and dresses.

Health Horizons

One of the earliest players in the Indian hemp industry, Health Horizons provides an organic range of optimal quality hemp-based nutrition and grooming products to consumers.

Their nutritional range hosts unrefined hemp Sativa oil, hemp seed powder, hemp hearts, and raw hemp seeds. One of their most exciting products is the chocolate-flavoured hemp seed powder.

In the personal care range, they have hemp soaps with respective charcoal and shea butter formulations. Aloe vera and hemp body butter are also some popular personal care products by the brand. In the next few months, Health Horizons will be venturing into innovative, health-promoting formulations of cannabis extracts.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


This is a brand that celebrates humanity’s timeless connection with hemp. It showcases a dynamic range of hemp products across multiple categories.

Hemis crafts an exquisite range of products that combine hemp with other natural, healing substances like Lotus, Aloe vera, milk, soya, and more. The company works on the motto of People Positive, Planet Positive and aims to be catalysts of change.

Their current product range includes excellently crafted products made from different parts of the hemp plant. Presently, they have a range of hemp-based apparels, footwears, accessories, stationery, home and finishing, and wellness and nutrition products.

Hemped Up

Nestled in the mountains, Hemped Up is a small-scale brand that experiments with hemp-based desserts. Hemped Up worked with ItsHemp to make Holi Special Bhaang Chocolate Laddus.

Sold in sets of 6, these chocolate balls combine dark chocolate with roasted hemp hearts to create a crunch in each bite. Hemped Up is currently pursuing R&D for making more hemp-based desserts particularly chocolates and brownies.

Hemp House

Hemp House is a family-run business that brings rare, one-of-a-kind hemp clothing and accessories to customers. Hemp House’s entire range amounts to a selective edition of finely-crafted hemp shirts, dresses, wrist bands, coin purses, and sling and tote bags. Their entire range is handmade and each article has something unique to offer.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Hemp Valley

Hemp Valley showcases a small range of personal care products infused with hemp seed oil. Their current product range is a collection of shower gels infused with hemp seed oil in 4 distinct formulations.


From the land of Lucknow, Hempkari brings to consumers an exquisite range of hemp clothing embroidered with traditional Lucknavi Chikankari. By further Indianising hemp, Hempkari is weaving a new fashion trend through a limited range of handmade apparels.

The brand launched in 2019 with a limited collection of embroided tops. But it is their upcoming collection of traditional Indian wear made entirely with hemp fabric that consumers should keep an eye out for. Hempkari is soon going to launch a remarkable collection of suits and sarees handmade from 100% hemp fabric with traditional chikankari embroidery on top.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Hempstrol is a socially-conscious brand promoting the therapeutic benefits of hemp through a select range of wellness products. The brand showcases an extensive range of pain relief formulations with hemp seed oil as the carrier.

In addition, Hemostrol offers full-spectrum hemp extracts in 5 different strengths and full-spectrum CBD soft gels in 7. They also have 3 different strengths of CBD balms that help with pain management.

Community Engagement

Hempstrol also actively works to build a community offering assistance to those in need. Under their Hempstrol Assistance Programme, they offer financial and medical assistance to those in need of their hemp products. The brand has also combined other initiative with some of their products—each contributing to a unique cause.

For instance, their menstrual cramp relief oil is attached to the Be A Good Woman initiative. Each product sold contributes a pack of 5 sanitary napkins to a woman devoid of access to menstrual hygiene.

India Hemp and Co.

India Hemp and Co. is a sustainable hemp-based wellness and nutrition brand that addresses the issue of how people consume food and where it comes from. Started by two sisters in 2020, India Hemp and Co. is working to help people rediscover hemp—the gift of the Himalayas.

Their current product range includes organic, chemical-free hemp hearts, hemp oil, and hemp seed powder. India Hemp and Co.’s star product has to be their hemp seed trail mix—a combination of hemp, flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds—that adds a nutritious crunch to your day.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Recently, India Hemp and Co. also introduced a series of hemp seed oil (HOP) products for cats and dogs. The team is eagerly working to introduce standardised, reliable, and good-quality CBD products in the market.

This brand also gets additional brownie points for creating packaging that’s 100% recyclable with absolutely awesome aesthetics. They also make constant efforts to educate customers on how to recycle/upcycle them. You should also, definitely check out their Cookbook by Home Chefs, an innovative community collaboration they undertook post the 2020-lockdown. This collection features recipes by home chefs from around the country who invented new dishes in their kitchen with India Hemp and Co. products.

India Hemp Organics

IHO is a Bangalore-based brand that strongly advocates the power of holistic healing and wellness. Their entire product range has been developed with the idea of encouraging a more wholesome lifestyle.

IHO brings to consumers a range of essential hemp nutrition products all of which are organically grown and sourced from the Himalayas. Their current nutrition range includes unprocessed, preservative-free hemp hearts, powder, and seed oil. IHO is currently pursuing R&D for cannabis-based medicines to expand the range of their sub-brand, CannaBliss.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Let’s go Less, is a brand that actively works to actualise the Less is More motto. Through their dynamic range of hemp clothing, nutrition, and skincare products, Less dedicates itself to create a better lifestyle and a better livelihood for its communities.

Their current product range showcases body bars, serums, and salves in skincare, and formal shirts for men in clothing. An interesting innovation from Less is their incredible range of massage candles. These combine the goodness of hemp with traditional relaxants such as shea butter, beeswax, and essential oils.

Less is currently experimenting with a ready-to-cook brownie mix and a premium co-branded coffee skincare product range. Their skin and hygiene product line will also be seeing more hair care and spa essentials. In the long term, they hope to include in their wellness range products that combine Ayurveda and modern medicine.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Moksa is redefining a beverage that 85% of this country’s population survives on. The brand brings to the table unique, healthy, high-quality, and a completely natural range of food and drink products that improve our state of mind.

A completely plant-based brand, Moksa helps customers experience small moksa moments in their everyday life with their exotic range of teas and coffees. Each of the brand’s product has been formulated with care to enhance the engagement of the body, mind, and soul.

Their product range is currently segmented into

  • superfoods (products like trail mix, flax, sunflower, chia, quinoa seeds etc.),
  • botanicals (hemp seeds, hearts, oil, and powder), and
  • a refreshing range of black and green teas in combination with herbs like lavender, leech, rose, chamomile etc.

Moksa is currently working to expand their hemp-based range to products that will replace many toxic oils, grains, and powders in our kitchens.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Mount Bloom

Eating well should be simple. But unfortunately, it is not. The birth of Mount Bloom was sparked by this realisation. Mount Bloom is a brand that brings to you fresh produce directly from the farm.

Mount Bloom practices Regenerative Farming in their Forest Side Farm and delivers the produce directly to the consumers without the addition of any chemicals. Their current product range comprises of herbal, hemp, and iced teas in various combinations.

Some of their most popular combinations include [nettle, lemongrass, and hemp] and [chamomile and rose]. The most interesting feature of Mount Bloom’s teas is that they are free of caffeine.

They also have a DIY feature on their website. Consumers can use this to make their own tea blends from 1-6 different ingredients. The brand is currently researching ways to bring other Himalayan remedies such as nettle leaves, rhododendron, and turmeric into the mainstream. Moving forward, we can expect Mount Bloom to introduce formulations with hemp seed oil as the prime ingredient.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Nature’s Veda

Nature’s Veda is a fully-owned brand of Aarshaveda—a third-generation start-up that’s working to integrate the ancient science of Ayurveda with the digital intelligence of modern healthcare.

The brand actively works to make available to consumers authentic Ayurvedic formulations that encourage a wholesome lifestyle.

Their current product range is diverse from the Ayurvedic point of view. It showcases organic chayavanaprash, ashwagandha root powder, and multiflora forest honey. Grape seed and kumkumadi face oil are also some noteworthy products. With respect to hemp, they currently offer unrefined, cold-pressed hemp seed oil. The company is pursuing R&D for more hemp-based Ayurvedic formulations.


Noigra brings the therapeutic properties of hemp to consumers through a range of chemical-free, 100% natural nutrition products. Their current product range includes raw hemp seeds, hearts, seed oil, and protein powder. Noigra works with a social conscience and works to achieve a sustainable practice through 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Natural Organic Material and Hemp is a sustainable lifestyle brand working to re-introduce cannabis to the people of India. The brand works closely with local artisans to retain a touch of tradition in modern design.

NOMH’s line of premium apparels aims to establish hemp as a sustainable alternative in the minds of the consumers. It’s entire clothing line has been designed to focus on self-expression and gender neutrality.

The brand is centred around the motto of empowering yourself and empowering the earth. Through the use of sustainable materials, its working to redefine fashion from a completely sustainable and conscious enterprise.

Their current product range includes

  • some finely handcrafted apparels (both men and women’s wear) and accessories (sling and tote bags), and
  • a collection of natural dietary supplements in the form of hemp hearts, powder, and seed oil.

Towards the fall of 2021, the brand will venture into natural grooming and personal care products that empower the users and the earth.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Based in central India, Nuor enables consumers avail better, sustainable, natural, and chemical-free alternatives to everyday products. The company launched in December 2020 with a couple of hemp nutrition products that includes hemp hearts and protein powder.

Nuor is currently pursuing R&D to extend their product range across wellness and lifestyle by striking the perfect balance between modern science and ancient Ayurveda. The team has dedicatedly been working on an exclusive cannabis formulation that will enhance the experience for the users.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Ocean In a Drop

Ocean In A Drop is an alternate healing brand that utilises energy crystals to enhance the therapeutic properties of hemp. The brand is a proud creator of crystal-infused natural beauty products.

Ocean In A Drop pours an ocean of love into each product that is handmade with the greatest care. All their products are zero-waste, ocean-friendly, and plastic and paraben-free.

Each of their product introduces a unique combination of crystals and raw ingredients to create a highly energised and potent formula. With hemp seed oil, the company has a range of shampoo bars, soaps, and body butter. With the success of these one-of-a-kind beauty products, the brand is pursuing R&D to introduce CBD wellness and personal care products to consumers.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


A brand of ethical beliefs, Pahartah brings the essence of colours and nature back to life. It introduces indigenously dyed textiles to the masses. The brand is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint by eliminating the chemical resources that yield a product. Their current product range includes intricately designed hemp kimonos, scarves, bags, and diaries.


Another one of the premium hemp fashion companies in India, Reistor represents minimalistic fashion that is timeless and transformative. Their entire product range actively focuses on reducing environmental impact with the help of sustainable fabric such as hemp.

The brand currently showcases an exquisite range of women’s clothing including some neatly-crafted tops, jackets, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, skirts, and essential accessories like masks.

Reistor is working towards establishing themselves as a carbon negative brand. They’re currently conducting R&D for a home line of sheets and towels and men’s and kids’ apparels. Towards the end of this year, they will be venturing into sustainable denim as well. Some products that consumers can look forward are cushions and hemp and bamboo based home furnishing goods.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Rootsativaa is another nutrition brand that brings the goodness of the Himlayas to consumers in the form of hemp-based nutrition products. Their current product range includes organic, carefully-processed hemp hearts, powder, and seed oil.

Rootsativaa defines itself as a progressive and cutting-edge brand that looks modern but is deep seated in tradition. The brand is currently working on new innovations that blend the modern way of life with age-old traditions in an unexpectedly surprising way.


Founded in 2017, Satliva boasts a fine range of luxury chemical-free, hemp-based skin and body care products. Their product range combines the goodness of hemp with other healing plants like rosemary, peppermint, cocoa, etc. to create products catering to specific skincare needs.

Satliva gets bonus points for freshly preparing all the products on order to ensure that consumers receive the best possible care for their skin. All the products in their current range are 100% organic, preservative-free, made locally, and sustainably packed.

Their current product range includes an organic range of face and hair creams, body butter, soaps and shampoo bars, body and face oils, lip balms, and beard and mooch creams.

The brand believes that nature is the best nurture and works on the philosophy of minimal ingredients equals maximum benefits. Their upcoming product range will introduce skincare formulations with exotic oils and butter. Satliva will also soon be expanding its product range internationally with the aim to promote Indian skincare formulations.

A unique and innovative product from Satliva is their very recent Hemposa—a traditional dosa batter with the richness of hemp seeds. It takes 3-5 minutes to prepare and adds a hempy taste to a staple food! With this, they launched their hemp food range which will see the addition of hemp in many more staple diets down the line.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Satvik Spirit

Working with the aim of helping consumers elevate their spirit, Satvik Spirit embodies all that is vital, natural, and clean. Offering a fine range of pure personal care products, the brand re-imagines selfcare and well-being with formulations that bring the best of Ayurveda to individuals.

Satvik Spirit creates products that are good for both the environment and the individual. Their current product line includes a range of rejuvenating face, body, and hair oils. All these combine hemp with other natural plants like jojoba, argan, sweet almond, fenugreek, etc. They’re currently carrying out the R&D for home and textile products made with environmentally-conscious materials.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Based in Surat, Slow is a sustainable fashion brand that is working to mainstream hemp clothing by focusing on sustainability, performance, and great feel on the body.

The brand is currently fashioning denims in three timeless shades—black, indigo, and sky—from 100% hemp fibre. Slow takes a very realistic approach towards lifestyle change by urging consumers to adopt a slow lifestyle, fashion in their case, because sustainability is something very hard to achieve.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

With their present collection, Slow is attempting to transform denim into a greener blue. Their entire collection is, in addition to sustainable, anti-bacterial with reduced chances of skin infections.

The brand is continuously working to bring out the true power of hemp by producing clothing from scratch. This is being done without compromising the performance and feel of the apparel. In the next 6-8 months, consumers can expect a more extensive clothing range for men and women from Slow.

The Hemp Chapter

Fairly the latest player in the game, The Hemp Chapter brings you an ultra-fine range of hemp-based cosmetics and skincare products. The brand entered the hemp market in India on April 20th, 2021 with a select range of organic, hemp-derived skin and body care products.

Their current product range includes a body scrub, body yogurt, face and hand creams, lip balm, and a moisturizing hand wash. The Hemp Chapter is working with the aim of becoming an essential product in people’s lives. The brand will soon introduce hair and intimate care products. We can also expect a fine range of clothing, furniture, CBD oil, and stationery. The Hemp Chapter is one of the few sustainable brands promoting plastic-free packaging for all their products.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


The Himalayan Hemp Chocolate Company served consumers with some absolutely delicious hemp-based desserts with the idea of promoting healthier chocolate binging.

THHCc’s chocolate nutty bars, hemp brownies, and mini chocolates have been some really popular products among consumers.


Trnatva is an Ayurveda-inspired brand that takes an all-natural approach to skin and hair care. The brand aims to combine the elements of raw beauty with the principles of Ayurveda and ease their adoption through a carefully-curated range of products.

Trnatva’s current product range consists of various Ayurvedic formulations in the forms of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, oils, salves, packs, and serums. With its upcoming range, the company is working towards achieving a true zero-waste policy.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

United Tesla Hemp Company

UTHC works to revive the use of the Ayurvedic herb, hemp, in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics, clothing, and bioplastic.

The brand aims to create a circular economy by utilising all the parts of the hemp plant—stalks, leaves, seeds, and roots—for the purpose of nutrition, medicine, personal care, and well-being.

Their current food range includes hemp hearts, seeds, and powder. They’re also catering their products to the agriculture, medicine, and paper industries. Presently, UTHC is pursuing R&D for creating sustainable packaging solutions with hemp pulp and paper. They are also expected to launch a limited range of unique medicinal blends in the form of tinctures, creams, and salves.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Wildleaf is a health and wellness brand that is working to make hemp products affordable and accessible to everyone. The brand primarily focuses on replacing non-biodegradable products with hemp and other eco-friendly alternatives.

Wildleaf’s range of hemp products comes straight from the valleys of the Himalayas. Their current range includes hemp hearts, seeds, powder, and hemp flour. The brand is actively working with the farmers to educate them about the uses of hemp beyond tradition. The idea is to share the age-old culture of the Himalayas with an increasing number of people.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Yeti’s Remedy

Yeti’s Remedy brings to you simple, hemp-based solutions for the most complex problem of today—our health. The company boasts a fine range of nutritious hemp foods that make the consumption of proteins, fibres, healthy fats, minerals, and antioxidants easier.

Yeti’s Remedy currently has snack-able hemp seeds and finely ground hemp powder—both a nutritious addition to our lives. They also engage with the community by keeping them up-to-date with innovative ways of using hemp in their diet.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Yuvaan Life

Working from Mumbai, Yuvaan Life is a brand aimed at sustaining the youth of people through organic, nutritious hemp products. Yuvaan Life promotes a pure, natural way of life through its curated range of hemp nutrition products.

Their current product range includes hemp hearts, seed oil, and finely ground hemp protein powder.


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13 Extracts CBD Products on ItsHemp
Cannavedic_Logo_ItsHemp on itsHemp
BottledPoetry_Logo_ItsHemp on itsHemp
Qurist_Logo_ItsHemp on itsHemp

13 Extracts

The first brand to introduce made-in-India CBD products, 13 Extracts is pioneering the research and extraction of hemp extracts, particularly CBD. The company has a subtle range of isolated CBD extracts across oils, topicals, and serums.

They also offer 4 different flavours to make the consumption of CBD oil drops easier for varied customers. Their range of broad-spectrum extracts (isolate blended with terpenoids and organic MCT oil) has also fared well with CBD users in India.

Recently, the brand also launched CBD-infused Peanut Butter Chicken Jerky for Pets. 13 Extracts currently has gummy bears, workout supplements, and sexual wellness products in development.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Bottled Poetry

Bottled Poetry was the first one to introduce water-soluble nano CBD in the form of tinctures. They have a sizeable range of broad-spectrum CBD in 3 different flavours. Their most popular product has been broad-spectrum CBD gummies. Bottled Poetry is currently working on developing Delta-8 CBD tinctures without any psychedelic effects.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


A brand focused on health and wellness, Cannavedic works to establish cannabis extracts as go-to health supplements. The brand is working to introduce in today’s modern life, the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.

Cannavedic offers premium isolate CBD formulations that help in managing stress, pain, inflammation, and sleeplessness. Their range of pain relieving, rejuvenating, and sleep-inducing massage oil candles with CBD are also worth a mention. The brand is currently pursuing R&D to make their product range more comprehensive with full and broad-spectrum formulations in the form of oils, balms, and other topical products.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


Qurist provides organic, THC-free broad-spectrum CBD oil to its customers. The brand is working to actualise CBD’s potential as a natural solution to a plethora of illnesses,

Qurist is one of the few brands in India that provides good-quality broad-spectrum CBD oil. It draws on the rich pharmacy of herbal medicine and plant-based nutrition to curate formulations that not only help with serious illnesses but also promote general well-being. Qurist currently offers broad-spectrum CBD oil in 4 different strengths and 3 different flavours. The brand is currently pursuing R&D for CBD formulations for pets and topical products for joint and neuropathic pain.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp


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Launched in 2020, PawSure makes premium CBD products for our furry little friends. The brand is single-mindedly dedicated to providing a happier and healthier life for our four-legged companions.

PawSure has a fine range of CBD oil and treats infused with some favourite pet-approved flavours. Each of their product is lab-tested and can be given to dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pets. Their current product range includes CBD-infused Salmon Oil and Peanut Butter Chicken Jerky.


Wiggles is working to create an all-round pet ecosystem in the country that effectively addresses all of a pet’s needs. The brand offers pet care products that are vet-approved, provide great benefits, and are easy on the pocket.

Wiggles‘ current hemp-based product range includes seed oil for dogs and cats, a soothing balm for pet’s paws, and honey chicken dog treats infused with hemp seed oil. The brand also launched India’s first pet sanitiser that is 100% alcohol-free and yet eliminates 99% of the germs effectively. Their most recent launch is a protein-rich oven-baked dry food for dogs infused with hemp seed oil. Wiggles is currently exploring the potential of plant-based meat for pets.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp

Cure By Design

This Bangalore-based health and wellness brand provides CBD-infused hemp seed oil for pets with and without MCT oil. While the brand’s product range primarily promotes hemp-based therapeutic formulations, it is currently pursuing R&D to launch more CBD products for pets in India.


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Top Hemp and Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp
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Ayurvedic Cannabis in India by Cannarie on itsHemp
Holi Herb Products on ItsHemp
Top Hemp and Cannabis Companies in India on itsHemp
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Sanan Hemp, Ayurvedic Cannabis Company, India | ItsHemp


A sub-brand of India Hemp Organics, CannaBliss offers full-spectrum Cannabis leaf oils to manage pain, stress, and sleep disorders. The brand also provides an online medical consultation service for the products that require a prescription.


Launched in the year 2020, CannaBlithe is a Delhi-based brand working to help people increase their quality of life with the medical wonders of cannabis. The brand employs a modern approach to the ancient science of Ayurveda and helps users understand the true mechanism of action (MOA) of cannabinoids.

The brand’s current product range includes full-spectrum Ayurvedic cannabis formulations in 4 different strengths. These formulations target the problems of pain, sleep, low energy, and concentration respectively.

Unlike any other cannabis company in India right now, CannaBlithe is on the vanguard to formulate cannabis-based solutions based on actual clinical trials. After defining the dosages according to the consumers’ needs, the brand will expand their product range to capsules, tablets, edibles, and cosmetics.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp


CannaEase offers pure wellness in the form of Vijaya extract formulations with negligible to no amount of THC.

Their current range includes oral and topical application products for stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, insomnia, and skin disorders.

CannaEase is gearing up to launch another range of ayurvedic cannabis formulations for skin disorders, pain management, stress relief, and digestive issues in different flavours.


CannaReleaf is a range of products with cannabis leaf extracts by BOHECO Life. Through this product range, the brand aims to make the use of therapeutic givings of cannabis easily accessible.

CannaReleaf currently has cannabis leaf extracts in 4 different strengths for arthritis, stress and pain management, and skin health.


Based in Hyderabad, Cannarie is the first brand in India that brings effective combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes for enhanced relief. Cannarie’s products combine the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes to provide more holistic healing.

The brand’s current product range includes a collection of well-formulated full-spectrum hemp extracts for pain management and anxiety relief. The brand also has an extract designed to enhance the sexual experience for adults of all age.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp

Happie Hemp

Happie Hemp is a wellness-focused venture creating Ayurvedic healing products from Cannabis leaf and hemp seeds. The brand actively works to provide condition-driven products to people suffering from various ailments—both chronic and seasonal.

Happie Hemp currently offers a full-spectrum Cannabis leaf extract. Its helps with pain management, sleep improvement, mood enhancement, and appetite stimulation. The brand is working on making the benefits of Ayurvedic Cannabis affordable to empower individual wellness.

Their current R&D focuses on developing a drug delivery system that can significantly reduce the action time. In addition, they are working on formulations that combine cannabis with other ayurvedic herbs and offer enhanced relief.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp


Hempstreet is pioneering the future of medical cannabis in the country by bringing to life classical ayurvedic formulations through innovation and research. The brand is India’s first research to retail venture that aims to tackle mass ailments in India through cannabis-based medicines.

Hempstreet works with a network of 60k+ ayurvedic doctors across the country. Herein, it enables easy adoption of ayurvedic cannabis formulations for problems such as pain and menstrual cramps.

Holi Herb

Holi Herb is the only brand that offers a highly personalised cannabis experience to users. The brand works closely with patients to understand their problems and create a holistic solution accordingly.

Holi Herb does not just provide customised cannabis treatments to patients but work with them to create a protocol that accelerates their healing process.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp

The brand currently offers a vast range of full-spectrum cannabis extracts in various dilutions in variety of carrier oils. They also have a hemp superfood range that consists of hemp hearts, protein powder, and seed oil.

Holi Herb is gearing up to introduce cannabis sublingual and topical products infused with various potent botanical extracts. These will specifically target chronic inflammatory conditions, intense pain and neuropathy, and chemotherapy-induced side effects. Some extracts will also focus on psychological conditions, seizures, and lung diseases, to name a few. Users can also expect a range of hemp seed edibles in combination with highly-researched superfoods for autoimmune disorders, deficiencies, food intolerances, and sensitivities.

Sanan Hemp

Sanan Hemp took the leaf from the past and made it relevant to today. The brand enables easy access to therapeutic ayurvedic formulations through their easily consumable products. It is the oldest of India’s Ayurvedic Cannabis companies,

Sanan Hemp is one of the many endeavours by Sanan brands that have been working since 1986 to make the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant accessible in different forms.

Through its innovative range of edible cannabis products, Sanan Hemp has blended the knowledge of history with modern-day technology. The brand’s current range includes cannabis-infused Mewa Modak and Churan that help with sleep disorders, indigestion, poor concentration, and promote an overall well-being. Sanan Hemp has in-house R&D facilities and is working on expanding their range of consumable ayurvedic cannabis formulations.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp

Total Heal

Total Heal is an Ayurvedic Cannabis brand that’s working with some of the leading doctors in the country to create products that are 100% licensed and made in India with consistent quality and safety. The brand ensures that each of its product is thoroughly researched and has all the approved permits and registrations.

Total Heal’s current product range includes full and broad-spectrum hemp extracts for viral infections, mental illnesses, chronic pain conditions, and digestive disorders. Their latest product is the Trailokya Vijaya Vati formulation for pain management.

Introducing one new product every month, Total Heal is working to raise the benchmark for quality and regulatory standards for the Indian medical (and ayurvedic) cannabis industry. The brand is currently pursuing R&D for multiple cannabinoid formulations for specific medical conditions, with thorough research to provide support.

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp



All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021 on itsHemp


The first and only (probably!) marketplace for all things cannabis in India. ItsHemp is a one-stop destination for hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis products. Launched in November 2019 (remember, remember the 5th of November), ItsHemp has consistently been working to make the adoption of a cannabis lifestyle easily for the masses.

ItsHemp brings 1000+ cannabis-based products from Indian and international brands on one platform. The company has made it easy for people to learn about, compare, and adopt a healthier lifestyle with cannabis.

The platform is primarily a marketplace that showcases cannabis products across all life categories. These include hemp-based clothing, accessories, goodies, paper, and nutrition and personal care products.

There is also an extensive range of isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD oils, balms, edibles, and gummies for people to adopt. The brand launched a select range of Ayurvedic cannabis products earlier this year which is expected to grow manifold in the next 6-8 months.

ItsHemp also actively runs a blog, The Wonder Resource, that helps users learn all about hemp, CBD, THC, and cannabis. From well-researched knowledgeable articles to extensive user guides and several mini-guides for specific product types, The Wonder Resource is a continuously-growing storehouse of cannabis knowledge.


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Hempivate, Hemp Company, India | Its Hemp
src="" alt="Magiccann, Hemp Company, India | Its Hemp" class="wp-image-5684997"/>
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B.E. Hemp India

Based in Bangalore, B.E. Hemp India is working to educate Indian people about the benefits of Cannabis through an extensive range of hemp products.

The company works to provide easy access to unique hemp products in India, while also affiliating with existing and upcoming hemp brands.

B.E. Hemp India runs an online hemp marketplace, offers whole sales, affiliates with brands, and also assist in white labelling brands. Their current product range includes an extensive collection of

  • hemp personal care products (soaps, shampoos, face and body wash, etc.),
  • food (seeds, hearts, oil, pasta, powder, etc.),
  • stationery (paper, dairies, coasters),
  • accessories (beanies, wallets, masks), and
  • yarn, fibre, and fabric products.

Canna Essentials

A common online marketplace for hemp-based products, Canna Essentials brings to its customers the purest, safest, and eco-friendly wellness products. They promote a wholesome wellness regime through their wide range of plant-based, organic products.

Hemp hearts, oil, powder, different types of CBD extracts, and essential oils are some product categories available on their website. They also have a small collection of hemp-based pet care products.

CBD Store

CBD Store India is an online marketplace that provides a wide range of CBD and Vijaya extracts products. They work with the mission to provide relief and recovery with CBD and Vijaya extracts to everyone in need.

The online marketplace has a collection of CBD oils, tinctures, lotions, and edibles along with Vijaya extract formulations in the same forms. Some of the brands that actively showcase their products on CBD store are Wildleaf, Soma Flora, Cannabryl, Kensho Valley, Hemplanet, Qurist, and Neet.

There is also a small collection of hemp foods, seed oil, and skincare products on the platform.


Hempistani is an online platform that coordinates with farmers, manufacturers, and retailers of hemp to smoothen the process of hemp use in India. This online marketplace has a substantial collection of hemp seed products, apparels, and personal care and grooming essentials along with CBD and medicinal cannabis products.

Some of the brands available on Hempistani are 13 Extracts, Yuvaan Life, Amayra Naturals, India Hemp & Co., Cure By Design, Hemploom, Satliva, Hemplanet, Qurist, Neet, and Crushed Organics.


Hempivate curates a vast collection of clean and safe hemp and CBD products from some of the major Indian brands. By offering novel, therapeutic CBD-based formulations, Hempivate is actively working to eradicate the stigma around the Cannabis plant.

Presently, one can procure the following from Hempivate:

  • CBD oils and tinctures,
  • hemp-based nutrition (seeds, powder, oil),
  • skin and body care products (soaps and shampoos), and
  • hemp accessories (bags, wallets, and flipflops).

They also have an impressive range of pet care products including hemp seed oil, anti-tick spray, and some interactive toys.

The company also facilitates online medical consultation for certain Vijaya extract formulations. Hempivate is currently carrying out R&D for CBG and CBD transdermal patches. The company’s main aim is to pioneer the purer Vijaya formulations in India.


Another online platform with a vast range of hemp and CBD products, Hemponest showcases economical and lab-tested products. The company uses pure Indian varieties of Cannabis to create formulations that uphold the science of Ayurveda.

Hemponest offers isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD extracts in the form of oils and topicals. There is also a wide range of hemp oils, seeds/hearts, balms, sanitizers, face and body washes, creams, and apparels and accessories on their platform.

Presently, they also have a small collection of health and wellness and ayurvedic cannabis products.

Magiccann India

an online platform that sells hemp and CBD products in India. Magiccann believes that magic can happen for you. It thus provides to its customers, easy access to the therapeutic benefits of hemp.

They have a sizeable collection of CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, and topical products—all with the legally compliant percentage of THC. One can also find CBD oil and treats for pets on their store.


Pouchful is a small-scale store that brings the best of hemp fibre and fabric products from Nepal to the Indian market. Operating from Dharamshala, Pouchful is run by a married couple who have been fascinated by the many uses of hemp since their childhood.

Pouchful has a comprehensive collection of hemp accessories ranging from sling bags, backpacks, laptop bags, coin purses, and waist pouches to bottle holders, wallets, dreamcatchers, and wrist bands. They also sell a limited collection of hemp clothing. The company has no plans to further expand its product range as of now.


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src="" alt="Hemp Horizons, Hemp Manufacturing Company, India" class="wp-image-5690060"/>
src="" alt="Innovations India, CBD Manufacturing Company, India" class="wp-image-5695763"/>
src="" alt="OG Hemp, Hemp Manufacturing Company, India" class="wp-image-5695765"/>
src="" alt="Hemp Fabric Lab, Hemp Manufacturing Company, India" class="wp-image-5695762"/>
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src="" alt="Rav Ecotextiles, Hemp Manufacturing Company, India" class="wp-image-5695766"/>


Hemploom is a purely authentic hemp clothing brand that proudly manufactures chemical-free apparels. Their entire range has been developed using conventional raw and organic hand block printing.

Hemploom works in close connection with skilled artisans to create unique products with care and concern. Through their consistent efforts, Hemploom is working towards a greener and healthier future for both the farmers and the planet.

Hemploom is a brand in itself and offers hemp-based products such as bedsheets, masks, bath towels, and scarves.

Hemp Fabric Lab

Hemp Fabric Lab is a manufacturer of sustainable fabrics, yarns, and fibres with hemp as the core material. The company is working with the aim of creating an ecosystem for designers, consumers and innovators to come together in a collaborative spirit and find interesting new ways to use hemp.

In addition to 100% hemp fabrics, Hemp Fabric Lab also provides blends of the same with organic cotton, lyocell, linen, wool, yak hair, nettle, and even recycled polyester. The company is currently brainstorming collaborations with artists and makers who wish to explore off-beat applications along with waterproof finishing for their fabric collection.  We can also expect a fine collection of hemp knits from them in the next 6-8 months.

Hemp Horizons

Based in Gurgaon, Hemp Horizons is a manufacturer of top-quality hemp hearts, powder, and seed oil. The company works with the aim of creating the most excellent hemp-based products and help young hemp businesses thrive.

Hemp Horizons is a supplier to superior hemp seed products to wholesalers and upcoming edible hemp brands. They also provide end-to-end solutions for manufacturing and packaging of hemp seed products.

Hemp Horizons is a contract manufacturer for almost 80% of India’s hemp brands. By paving the way for new brands to thrive, the company aims at ultimately lowering the cost of making hemp products.

Hemp Republic

Hemp Republic is a Hyderabad-based manufacturer that believes in creating a sustainable future on the grounds of a rich past.

The company is responsible for manufacturing the entire range of hemp clothes, accessories, paper goodies, and ssed-based nutrition and personal care products for Hemis.

Hemp Republic is constantly conducting R&D to better the processing of hemp for more sustainable and environmentally-conscious products.

Innovation India

The products from Innovation India are recognisable from India’s first-ever homemade CBD company, 13 Extracts. Innovation India is a manufacturer of high-quality isolate and broad-spectrum CBD oil. The company works with the aim of making good CBD products accessible to the masses.

The company is currently conducting research to introduce non-oil CBD products in the market. Their new range will also be launched with 13 Extracts.

Namrata Hemp Company

Namrata Hemp Company is a Banglore-based manufacturer that currently develops top-quality products for Satliva and Satliva Foods. NHCO works with the aim of creating 100%, non-toxic, pollution-free, and biodegradable products from organically grown hemp plants.

Namrata Hemp Company continuously conducts vigorous R&D to understand the best cultivation practices for industrial hemp. These are then put into practice before producing hemp foods, fabric, plastics, and other raw materials.


OGHemp is rethinking paper—a widely used accessory in the world. The company aims to promote in today’s modern lifestyle, the centuries-old tradition of hemp paper.

OGHemp sells paper not made from wood pulp but extracted from highest quality hemp plants. The company uses carbon-negative raw materials, hybrid composites, and planet-friendly practices to manufacture superior quality hemp paper.

OGHemp showcases close to 50 paper products on their website. These range from artistic canvases and diaries to postcards, bookmarks, and plain sheets.

Rav EcoTextiles

Based in Ahemdabad, Rav EcoTextiles is a manufacturer of slow and sustainable fabrics and final apparels. The company currently works with hemp, khadi, linen, and cotton fabrics and also has a stitching unit for the same.

Rav EcoTextiles works with the idea of bringing variation in sustainable fabrics to different business media. The company currently manufacturers a fine range of sustainable apparels for 6 Indian and international brands. After regulating the design and quality for shirts, T-shirts, dresses, and home furnishing items, the company is now pursuing R&D for handloom articles.

Rav EcoTextiles | Hemp Manufacturer | India


The manufacturers of Pahartah’s elegant clothing range, Suvetah creates a lush variety of organic textile fabrics dyed with conventional, chemical-free methods.

The company creates state-of-the-art organic fabrics from soya, hemp, rose, cotton, orange, lotus, aloe vera, and milk.

World of Hemp Global

World of Hemp Global is focused at acquiring and/or joint venturing with industrial hemp companies to build an interconnected soil to shelf ecosystem.

The organisation strongly advocates the power of hemp to feed, clothe, house, fuel, and medicate the humankind and works in line with this belief to improve the quality of life by researching, developing, and distributing hemp-based sustainable materials, products, and services.

World of Hemp Global lends its expert services to companies across all sectors of industrial hemp industries. Their medication-based formulations are available with the brand Total Heal.


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src="" alt="AltMat | Cannabis Research Company, India" class="wp-image-5695743"/>
src="" alt="Canvaloop, Cannabis Research Company, India" class="wp-image-5695745"/>
src="" alt="Awega Green, Cannabis Research Company, India" class="wp-image-5695744"/>
src="" alt="Green Jams, Cannabis Research Company, India" class="wp-image-5695746"/>


AltMat is working to mainstream the use of alternative materials. The brand transforms agricultural waste into natural fibre that can contribute to more ethical and sustainable textile industry.

With the help of material science and sustainable proprietary technologies, AltMat transforms plant waste into natural bast fibres and yarns. The brand currently works with wastes of plants like industrial hemp, pineapple, nettle, banana, and kenaf.

AltMat is continually functioning towards launching more materials from the agricultural wastes of other food crops, for applications in and beyond interior and fashion textile.

AltMat | Cannabis Research Company, India | ItsHemp

Awega Green

Dedicated to building a green future, Awega Green is pioneering Hemp innovation in India through their state-of-the-art R&D support services. The organisations lends a qualitative scientific, engineering, and technical expertise to support emerging market demands for new product innovations.

The organisation constantly offers consultancy and support to bring all budding green ideas to life. Awega Green has successfully worked on applications of hemp as biodiesel, exhaust muffler, plastic body panels, etc.

Awega Greens works on the 3D’s ideology—Discover, Develop, Deliver. They employ their advanced technologies to find sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.


This is another top-notch R&D organisation that is mainstreaming sustainability by creating alternative fibres. The organisation processes the agricultural waste of bast crop to superior textile fibres.

Canvaloop is workin with the sim of bringing significant changes in the textile chain by creating socially-inclusive, progressively viable, and adequately available materials. The team has successfully developed superior fibres and yarns from hemp and nettle.

Their most recent innovations has been the greener blue—a collection of denim jeans made entirely from hemp. It was launched under the brand, Slow.

Green Jams

Based in Vishakapatnam, Green Jams is a CleanTech Social Enterprise that works to develop carbon-negative building materials. Through the development of environment-friendly building material, Green Jams is aiming to remove 17 billion tonnes of Carbon Dioxide by 2100.

The organisation works closely with farmers to convert agricultural residues into clean built environment. The building material they create out of agricultural waste is carbon negative. It establishes low carbon-built environments through inherent energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Green Jams has successfully created the world’s strongest hempcrete (hemp concrete; a mixture of hemp and lime) that is widely used in the E.U. It provides superior thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and hygrothermal behaviour (movement of heat and moisture through buildings). Another amazing creation by Green Jams has been Agrocrete, the first of its kind building material developed from crop residues.


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src="" alt="Sativa Media, Cannabis Media Company, India" class="wp-image-5695767"/>
src="" alt="The Ganjha Show, Cannabis Media Company, India" class="wp-image-5695768"/>

Sativa Media

India’s own cannabis-awareness platform, Sativa Media collaborates different media to spread awareness and sensitivity towards cannabis. The platform brings together people from different walks of life to contribute to the growing hemp industry in India.

With its well-researched blogs on health, medicine, and industry, the brand educates readers about the many applications of cannabis. Its collection of authentic news items allow cannabis communities to learn about and collaborate for utilising the benefits of hemp.

The Ganjha Show

Working towards breaking the stigma surrounding the cannabis plant, The Ganjha Show is a collaborative Blog and Podcast run by Tanvi Devpura and Vipin Pharkya.

Started in 2019, The Ganjha Show is on a journey to learn about the medical, industrial, and recreational cannabis industry one blog and podcast at a time.

The duo attempts to understand the manifold potential of the cannabis plant through detailed research and in-depth conversations with some cannabis activists of the like of Darwin Millard, Matthew Harold, and Frenchy Cannoli. Shekhar Singh, the policy director of National Seed Association of India and Shreyans Kokra, the founder of the brand Slow has also been prominent guests on Vipin’s podcast.


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src="" alt="Hemplanet, Cannabis Community Company, India" class="wp-image-5689968"/>
src="" alt="Himalayan Hemp, Cannabis Community Company, India" class="wp-image-5695769"/>
src="" alt="Kumaon Khand, Cannabis, Community Company, India" class="wp-image-5695770"/>


Based in Auroville, Hemplanet is working to transition this international township into a hemp-based economy where farmers, manufacturers, consumers and the environment all reap the benefits.

The organisation is working with the aim of facilitating research and sustainable development for the growth and production of hemp and hemp products. Hemplanet’s vision is to construct a worldwide network of researchers, engineers, suppliers, educators, cultivators, and doctors to standardise the extraction and processing of the finest hemp products.

Hemplanet as a brand currently showcases a collection of body care, homeware, and seed-based food products. Two of their distinct innovations include hemp pasta and a hemp lapshade.

The brand will soon launch a couple of more products in their body care range. An exciting product in their new range will be a DIY Hemp Paper Kit. It will enable users to make paper from hemp fibres.

Himalayan Hemp

Himalayan Hemp is a dedicated socio-ecological community of farmers, agropreneurs, innovators and artisans. The collective is working to combine a development model with eco-conscious products and indigenous cannabis hemp plant.

Himalayan Hemp is working to manufacture their own fabrics according to the criteria of making sanitary pads without any loopholes in the supply. The collective is building an extensively inclusive model by bringing together farmer and artisan based cooperative societies, research foundations, industries, and society. All of the brand’s products are manufactured by rural women and local artisans.

Himalayan Hemp Company | India

Some of Himalayan Hemp’s laudable ventures include:

  • Working in a joint venture with Awega Greens and Small Spark Concepts Technologies pvt. ltd. during the COVID-9 situation to initiate tailor-based trainings in Mandvi, Surat, Saharanpur, Meerut and Indora,
  • Collaborating with local women in Kulu for fibre extraction by hand.

The team is now looking forward to combine their cooperative model with a government program to create a model of development for rural population in Himachal Pradesh.

Kumaon Khand

Kumaon Khand is a for-profit social enterprise working across the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. The collective’s aim is to provide market linkage to farmers and women collectives for hemp raw material and processed goods.

The team works on the motto Nature Produced, Community Processed. They focus on extensive community engagement in the production of multiple hemp-based products.

Kumaon Khand focuses on superfoods, natural fibres, and traditional craft creating an end-to-end value chain. Their vision of contributing to securing the livelihood of the local community.

The collective’s pilot project was done across 3 districts of Kumaon with a range of hemp edibles, fibre, paper, hempcrete, and traditional medicine. They currently showcase a small range of hemp tote bag, oil, seeds, and salt on their website.

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