Start-ups in India betting on Hemp

Despite a rich history of Cannabis use, dating back to over 2000 years, Cannabis is highly misunderstood in India. The plant is illegal and criminalised under the NDPS Act of 1985. But like everything, Cannabis has been caught in the waves of change. Several companies across India are enthusiastically creating businesses around the crop.

India’s Initiatives into Cannabis Business

In the span of the past 5 years, there has been a burgeoning of hemp-based start-ups in the country. Hemp is the non-drug based variety of Cannabis Sativa L. These star-ups are continuously engaging in medicinal research and production of hemp products. The hemp products popular among these are cosmetics, textiles, accessories,  and food products.

India’s rooted history in hemp provides evidence of the country’s infallible ability to cultivate the plant. However, because of the NDPS Act, companies import raw material from either China or Europe. In another scenario, they purchase it from the state of Uttrakhand.

Uttrakhand is the first of the two states in India where it is legal to cultivate and produce hemp for industrial purposes.

The Popularity of Ganja without the High

The plant is increasingly gaining popularity among researchers and healthcare professionals owing to its analgesic properties. Hemp can be used to treat symptoms and pain management in medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

And, unlike opium or marijuana, it doesn’t have psychotic effects. This is a prime reason behind its admiration among industries.

Hemp Companies—India


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The Bombay Hemp Company is working with CSIR to find a cure for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and other medical conditions. This is in addition to a wide range of hemp-based products across the textile, nutrition, and fabric industries.

The company’s aim is to Educate. Cultivate. Elevate. It advocates a seismic shift in Indian agriculture towards a sustainable future.

BOHECO assists local farmers to cultivate the crop through high-quality seeds and techniques. From there on, it builds a sustainable model for economic, environmental, and social impact. They also have a sub-brand BLabel that makes hemp clothes.

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Health Horizons

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Based in Delhi, Health Horizons offers a range of organic products extracted from hemp. Their products include hemp-based oils, shampoos, and body creams. The company’s focus is on bringing natural and organic hemp products into the everyday lives of people.

They also encourage their audience to try hemp-based recipes for a healthier diet.

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Based in Hyderabad, Hempsters specialises in body care products. It excels in hemp seed oil with unmatched quality. they offer a range of luxurious, natural, and hand-made hemp products.

Each of their products (shower gels, soap bars, balms and lotions) are made from hemp seed oil. It’s pioneering as the country’s first hemp-based body care brand.


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Operating in Vizag, GreenJams is working on a revolutionary path. The company blends Built Environment and Natural Environment to give Indians an experience of Green Building.

The company is making tremendous progress with its hemp-based concrete. It is easily becoming the face of India’s Infrastructure Revolution.


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The Bhubaneshwar-based company focuses on the intersection of Hemp and Ayurveda. It views hemp as the jewel of the Ayurveda. For Vedi, the infusion of hemp into Ayureda is essential.

Vedi advocates the role hemp played in the historic practice of Ayurveda. The company aims to use hemp to help India discover its Ayurvedic roots. Vedi employs hemp to make 100% vegetarian Ayurvedic medicines.


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Another hemp start-up in Mumbai, Foxxy Couture amalgamates hemp fabric with natural fibre. The company uses hemp, organic cotton, and handlooms to create an intersection between sustainability and everyday fashion.


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Based in Bangalore, Satliva offers an exquisite range of the finest chemical-free products. The products are made from the mixture of hemp oil and other natural cold-pressed oils. The company’s motto is Nature is the best Nurture. It focuses on bringing sustainability home.

B.E.Hemp India

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Taking yet another perspective on the use of Hemp, these guys are selling products made from Hemp Paper. Some of the coolest products in their range are rolling papers, paper coasters, lampshades, notebooks, etc.


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Hemis celebrates humanity’s timeless connection with Hemp. The company brings exquisitely crafted products procured from different parts of Hemp across apparels, footwear, accessories, wellness, and nutrition.

There are a couple of non-profit organizations that I would like to mention which are doing some phenomenal work in the space.
Indian Hemp Association – Making Change Happen
IIHA: Indian Industrial Hemp Association
and other companies like Kumoan Khand, Hempistani, Hemp NHCO, Hemp me, Hempify, etc. that are growing rapidly.

Where to buy hemp-based products in India?

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