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How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats?

How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats on itsHemp
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Our favourite friends’ dogs and cats fill our lives with inexplicable love and joy. Whether it is demanding belly rubs, untying our shoelaces, staring at us while we eat our food, or comforting us when we’re sad, our dogs and cats bring pure bliss to our lives. The one thing we can do for them in return is to choose only the best for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our mental and physical well-being in a myriad of ways. But we often tend to overlook the equally taxing toll it has taken on our pet’s health. From personal experience, I understand the worries that crowd our minds when something even minute goes wrong with them. In order to give them the best of healthcare, we need solutions that are permanent, reliable, and unharmful.

Hemp seed oil is one such solution. A naturally nourishing and nutritious supplement, hemp seed oil promotes the wholesome well-being of our pets while dealing with a plethora of health issues.

This article understands the benefits of using hemp seed oil for dogs and cats.

What is Hemp Seed Oil?
Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats
CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil for Pets
How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats?
How to calculate dosage of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats?
Side Effects of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats
Reasons to use Hemp Seed Oil for Pets
Buy Hemp Seed Oil for Pets in India

Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats

What is Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp seed oil is the oil extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds are an FSSAI-recognised nutritional food source. In the form of oil, they are good sources of protein, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and dietary fibers and minerals.

Hemp seed oil is one of the few seed oils that can be used as a dietary and skincare supplement simultaneously. Because it comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, it does not contain the cannabinoid THC, and therefore, has no intoxicating effects.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats

Hemp seed oil is an all-natural, plant-based oil that is as beneficial for our pets as it is for us. It serves as a potential treatment for most canine health issues. A natural resource that is both nourishing and nutritious, hemp seed oil deals with both the internal and external wellness of pets.

Here is a list of 10 benefits of hemp seed oil for dogs and cats.

Boosts the Immune System

The essential fatty acids and antioxidants present in hemp seed oil help regulate the inflammatory response, blood pressure, and hormonal balance in the pet’s body. Dogs and cats do not produce essential fatty acids naturally and need to consume it through a well-balanced diet.

Hemp seed oil also contains high levels of Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant that supports healthy cell renewal in the body.

A balanced chemical profile is imperative for a healthy functioning body. By regulating the levels of essential chemicals in our pets’ bodies, hemp seed oil strengthens their immune system and provides a boost to overall health.

How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats on itsHemp
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Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is caused as a natural response to infections, injuries, and allergies. But too much inflammation can cause problems like rashes, itching, stiffness in joints and muscles, etc.

Hemp seed oil contains omega-3 and omega-6, both excellent anti-inflammatory agents. Regularly using hemp seed oil for dogs and cats, therefore, reduces inflammation in the whole body providing relief from muscle and joint stiffness, inflammatory pain, and rashes.

Nourishes the Fur & Coat

Another wonderful benefit provided by the essential fatty acids present in hemp seed oil for dogs and cats is the prevention of hair fall. Providing a substantive amount of essential vitamins and minerals, it strengthens the hair follicles, reduces dandruff, and adds a shine to their fur.

Heals Skin Infections

In addition to being a wonderful moisturizer, hemp seed oil also reduces oxidative stress in our pet’s body. This proves to be particularly effective in managing skin allergies, infections, and medical conditions such as psoriasis and dry and flaky skin.

The vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids present in hemp seed oil heal our dog’s skin and protects the coat from developing any skin conditions.

Provides relief from Pain

Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve inflammatory pain in dogs. It, therefore, acts as a pain reliever, assisting in managing arthritic, joint, and/or muscle pain.

Applying hemp seed oil topically on our pet’s skin can also soothe the irritation and inflammation caused by or around an injury

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Restlessness

How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats on itsHemp
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The omega-3 and magnesium present in hemp seed oil help relieve stress, anxiety, and restlessness in our pets. Some stress may be the result of excessive inflammation in the body, in which case the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seed oil come to the rescue.

Preserves Gut, Brain, and Heart Health

The hemp seed oil contains a considerable amount of phytosterols. These are plant cholesterols that help to regulate the levels of good cholesterol in our pet’s body. This in turn promotes a healthy-functioning heart.

In addition, hemp seed oil sharpens cognitive functioning, improving brain health in our pets. It also streamlines the working of the digestive system by reducing inflammation in the GI tract and promoting good gut health.

Promotes Joint Health and Mobility

By reducing inflammation in the body, hemp seed oil provides a natural solution for strengthening joint flexibility and mobility in our pets.

Lowers Seizures and Tremors

Hemp seed oil presents an all-natural and safer alternative to potassium bromide—a chemical majorly used to manage tremors and seizures in dogs. Hemp seed oil for dogs and cats can control jitters, reduce shivering, and induce relaxation in the body, making it easier to deal with a seizure.

Manages Weight and Obesity

The GLA (a type of omega-6 essential fatty acid) can raise the energy levels in dogs, making them more active, and thus helping in managing their weight. Because hemp seed oil also promotes good gut and joint health, it helps fight and prevent obesity.

CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Pet owners often confuse CBD oil and hemp seed oil for dogs. While both have numerous therapeutic benefits and are completely safe for pets to use, it is important to understand the difference in their chemical composition.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil derives from the flowers, leaves, and buds of the hemp plant. It is a medicinal supplement that helps in managing medical conditions of a physical, neurological, psychological, autoimmune, and sexual nature.

Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and is considered to be valuable because of its high nutritional value i.e., the presence of protein, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, dietary vitamins, and minerals, etc. It also has therapeutic benefits for pets but is different from the ones offered by CBD.

Hemp seed oil can be seen as a nutritional and nourishing supplement while CBD oil can be considered a medicinal one.

Hemp Seed OilCBD Oil
Extracted from seeds of the hemp plantExtracted from the leaves, flowers, and, buds of hemp
Used for nutritional benefits. Promotes brain, heart, gut, and joint health. Manages skin conditions.Used to manage or treat severe medical conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, etc.
Usually unrefinedMixed with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil or MCT oil

How to use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats?

Pure, unrefined hemp seed oil is safe for dogs and cats to use and can be consumed or applied directly.

  1. Oral Consumption: You can give hemp seed oil to your pet directly, like a medicine.
  2. Addition to Food: Add the recommended amount of hemp seed oil to your pet’s food or treats.
  3. Topical Application: Apply the oil directly to your pet’s skin or fur. You can also use it as a massage oil for 30 minutes to 1 hour before giving them a bath.

How to Calculate the Dosage of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats?

If you’re using hemp seed oil for the first time, begin with a small dosage to see how your pet likes the product. The dosage of hemp seed oil for dogs and cats is usually calculated in proportion to their weight.

A general guideline for calculating the dosage of hemp seed oil for dogs is given below:

Above 26kg4.5mL
Frequency: Once a day.

Side Effects of Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats

Though hemp seed oil is safe and well-tolerated in dogs and cats, caution must be exercised. For example:

  • Leaving food cooked or mixed with hemp seed oil for long hours can cause the food to turn rancid, leading to diarrhoea, upset stomach, and vomiting.
  • Inappropriate amounts of hemp seed oil can cause lethargy, dry mouth, and low blood pressure in pets.
  • Mixing hemp seed oil with chicken can cause a dietary imbalance in pets. This is because both hemp oil and chicken are high in polyunsaturated fat.

Why use Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats?

Hemp seed oil is an all-natural, chemical-free, nutritional and nourishing supplement that works to promote the good health and overall well-being of our pets.

Here are a few more reasons to use hemp seed oil for dogs and cats:

  1. All Natural: Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. It does not contain any additional ingredients.
  2. Non-intoxicating: Hemp seed oil contains minimal to no amounts of THC. It, therefore, does not have any intoxicating effects on our pets.
  3. Promotes Wholesome Well-being: Hemp seed oil is a complete supplement that enhances the functioning of the different bodily system at once. Therefore, making hemp seed oil a regular part of your pet’s diet can strengthen their immunity, boost metabolism, and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Buy Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs & Cats in India

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