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Internet, Chai, and Everything Hemp | ITSHEMP Community Day

Internet, Chai, and Everything Hemp | ITSHEMP Community Day on itsHemp

Srijan’s annoyingly excited self.
Apurva’s cup of chai.
A mix of knowledge and stupidity.
And almost good-working internet.

These were the ingredients that went into the first-ever Its Hemp Community Day. November 24th, 2019 was when more than 800 people from all over the country joined us on a live Ask Me Anything on Facebook and Instagram. 

Among absolutely intended puns, desperate marketing attempts, and honestly unplanned but witty promotions, the duo managed to talk about all things hemp.

Our AMA was designed to help everyone learn about Hemp and its very many benefits. Through most live questions and some pre-submitted ones, our community conversed over the plant’s chemical makeup, potential as a sustainable solution, and the legal issues surrounding it.

When is the next Community Day?

If you were there, you got to experience Srijan and Apurva’s magical stupidity first-hand. If you were not, you did miss out!

But there are going to be so many more opportunities and we advise you don’t miss them! There is an Its Hemp Community Day every month. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or via email, or our website to keep track!

For anything and everything else, we’re at

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