CBD vs Delta-8 Flower | What’s the Difference?

CBD vs Delta-8 Flower | What's the Difference on itsHemp
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The CBD and Delta 8 flowers both come from the hemp plant. The Delta 8 flower has become the modern method for taking the Delta 8 concentrates. The premium delta 8 CBD is known for its multiple therapeutic effects. With even a small dosage, they act very fast on the body and start showing impact.

CBD vs. Delta 8 Flower
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The Delta 8 flowers have a long-lasting influence on the person. High-quality terpenes get added to the CBD and Delta 8 Flowers for enhancing the potency of the solution. Both these flowers come under the category of industrial hemp. Still, there are few differences between CBD Flower and Delta 8 Flower.

CBD Flower does not induce any intoxicating effects

CBD Flower is a distinctive type of raw industrial hemp from all the hemp plants grown. It is very similar in taste, smell and texture to the cannabis strain that is highly rich in THC. While smoking the CBD Flowers, you can feel the taste of Marijuana. The Cannabidiol flowers do not get you high; they have no notable hallucinogenic effects.

The CBD flowers contain THC lesser than 0.3% which does not make it an intoxicating solution. You can smoke CBD Flower for the whole day and yet not get stoned. A variety of terpenes in the CBD Flower are responsible for its savoury taste. With every terpene, a new CBD strain is made, offering an eclectic range to the buyers.

Delta 8 Flower induces intoxicating effects

Delta 8 flower does not occur naturally like the other products of the hemp plant. The naturally occurring Delta 8 is present in low quantities (less than 1%) in the Cannabis plant. Delta 9 THC is another potential source of Delta 8. The legalized hemp plants are not allowed to contain more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC.

The Delta 9 THC, when degraded, results in the formation of Delta 8. This low availability of Delta 9 THC makes this way of Delta 8 production a non-economical option. Researchers have found advanced methods of converting the CBD into Delta 8 strain. The Delta 8 flower has a higher potency level than the CBD flower. It gets you high with a small dose.

Delta 8 and CBD flowers interact differently with the body

Delta 8 and CBD flowers interact with the Endocannabinoid system of the body when taken. ECS (Endocannabinoid System) is that system of the body that alters the mood, sleep cycle, memorizing power, and appetite of the person when the receptors are muddled up.

CBD vs. Delta 8 Flower
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Source- https://pixabay.com/

The ECS consists of two receptors CB1 and CB2, each having its unique functionality. The CB1 receptor deals with the nervous system and controls things like pain regulation, memory, and psychological activities. The CB2 receptor also has some effect on the central nervous system, but it majorly works for reducing inflammation in the body.

The high effects of the Delta 8 flower come out when it comes in contact with the CB1 receptor. Delta 9 THC also gets the person high who is taking it. The two of them show similar effects as they are isomers. They differ by the position of the double bond placed on the carbon atoms of both compounds.

The double bond is present on the 9th carbon of the Delta 9 compound, making it a very high substance. The double bond is present on the 8th carbon of the Delta 8 compound.

Therefore, the Delta 8 flower offers only a mellow effect. Delta 9 THC binds stronger with the CB1 receptors than Delta 8. The Delta 8 flower does not have much binding with the CB2 receptors.

The CBD Flower has equal interaction with both the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. It acts as an inverse agonist with the CB1 receptor. CBD flower is the ideal choice to consume when you are high with THC strain. The THC strain acts antagonistically on the CB1 receptors and shows ill effects.

CBD having inverse agonist properties nullifies this action of THC. It is how CBD saves you from the High influences of THC strain. CBD also induces its inverse agonist effects on the CB2 receptor. Through this, the CBD Flower relieves inflammation.

Different reactions with drug tests

Cannabis products like the CBD and Delta 8 Flowers with less than 0.3% THC have received legalisation in many countries. Buying and consuming them would not be an offence. However, none of us would want to fail a drug test conducted by the cops.

The CBD Flower also contains THC, but it will not disappoint you in the drug test. Except if you are using a cannabis product with a very high content of CBD like CBD oil. Delta 8 Flower, on the other hand, is likely to fail you in the drug test. It is an old form of preserved THC with also 0.3% less of it.

Even though it is a legalised product, it can make you guilty of taking illegal drugs. Avoid taking Delta 8 Flowers when you have to cross country borders. Also, when there are chances to meet cops.

CBD Flower is more reliable

The other significant difference between CBD and Delta 8 flowers is that CBD Flower is a more reliable product than the Delta 8 flower. CBD is a pretty old product, and it has undergone many kinds of research.

The thorough research on CBD makes it a trusted and proved product for consumption. Delta 8 is discovered late and is under study for more things. 


Now that you know the difference between the CBD and Delta 8 Flower. You should pick the right one for yourself as both the flowers have their set of differences, similarities and uses. CBD flower is a popular product of the hemp plant, but new products like the Delta 8 flower have emerged with time.

CBD and Delta 8 flowers contain an equal amount of THC, but Delta 8 flower has more potent psychoactive effects than CBD Flower. The different strains mixed and crossbred make these flowers.

Based on your needs and challenges, choose a suitable hemp flower.

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