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All You Need to Know About CBD Extracts in India

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In the last two years, people have made an enormous shift towards plant-based, all-natural health remedies, and CBD extracts have been at the centre of this revolution.

Moving past the fact that it comes from cannabis, an increasing number of people are showing interest in the manifold health benefits of CBD.

In our conversations with potential and regular users, we have witnessed the interest people have in learning the basics of CBD extracts. This article attempts to understand the different types of CBD extracts that you can buy in India, with the pros and cons of each.

All About CBD Extracts in India

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating chemical compound naturally present in the cannabis plant. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body and provides numerous therapeutic benefits. Regularly administered long-term use of CBD can provide relief from stress, pain, and anxiety, and help manage psychological, neurological, and physical illnesses.

What are CBD Extracts?

CBD extracts are liquid extracts, typically oils, that contain varying percentages of CBD. CBD extracts can be used as a product themselves (in the form of oil) or can be the ingredient in other products (such as edibles, creams, gummies, etc.)

CBD extracts are one of the many ways to experience the therapeutic health benefits of CBD.

Types of CBD Extracts Available in India

You can buy 3 types of CBD extracts in India:

Full-spectrum CBD Extracts in India

A full-spectrum CBD extract contains a full range of different chemical compounds present in the source plant. In India, full-spectrum CBD extracts usually come from the hemp plant. Therefore, a full-spectrum CBD extract contains all the chemical compounds that are originally present in the hemp plant.

In full-spectrum CBD extracts, nothing is left behind. It retains the complete chemical profile of the source plant, exactly as it was. That is to say, it is possible for full-spectrum CBD extracts to contain trace amounts of THC.

THC is the chemical compound that causes intoxication, commonly known as the high.

However, the amount of THC in the hemp plant is not enough to cause intoxication. But it serves well to know whether or not it is present in a product.

In addition to THC, full-spectrum CBD extracts contain other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, etc. along with terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, etc.

Where do Full-spectrum CBD Extracts come from?

In India, Full-spectrum CBD Extracts are derived from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. More often than not, the process of CO2 extraction is used.

Pros of Full-spectrum CBD Extracts

Full-spectrum CBD Extracts undergo the least amount of processing. They are, therefore, the most potent type of CBD extracts one can buy in India.

In comparison to the other two types, full-spectrum extracts offer a more comprehensive therapeutic benefit. This is because all the cannabinoids and other chemical compounds in the plant combine together to enhance each other’s therapeutic benefits.

Cons of Full-spectrum CBD Extracts

Because they contain THC, full-spectrum CBD extracts can show up in some drug tests. Even though the amount of THC is not high enough to cause intoxication, it may be detected in a drug test and can thus, have legal implications.

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Who should use Full-spectrum CBD Extracts?

Full-spectrum CBD extracts are ideal for people who want to experience the complete benefits of the cannabis plant and don’t mind the risk of mild intoxication. These are suitable for managing moderately severe or chronic medical conditions.

Buy Full-spectrum CBD Extracts in India

Broad-spectrum CBD Extracts in India

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts are one step below full-spectrum extracts. These contain all the chemical compounds originally present in the source plant except for THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD extracts are a completely THC-free way of experiencing the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids.

In broad-spectrum extracts too, all the cannabinoids work together to provide an enhanced therapeutic benefit. However, because of the absence of THC, there is no risk of intoxication whatsoever.

Where do Broad-spectrum Extracts come from?

In India, broad-spectrum CBD extracts are usually derived from the roots, stems, flowers, or leaves of the hemp plant. The typical process involves obtaining a full-spectrum extract and then processing it further to remove THC.

Pros of Broad-spectrum CBD Extracts

The greatest benefit of broad-spectrum CBD is that it offers the complete benefits of the cannabis plant without any risk of intoxication.

Cons of Broad-spectrum CBD Extracts

Even though broad-spectrum CBD extracts provide a comprehensive benefit without the risk of intoxication, the research on its effect is not yet adequate. Because of lack of information, some products may be mislabelled.

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Who should use Broad-spectrum CBD Extracts?

Broad-spectrum extracts are most suitable for people who want to experience the complete benefits of the cannabis plant without the slightest risk of intoxication.

Buy Broad-spectrum CBD Extracts in India

CBD Isolate Extractsin India

A CBD isolate is an extract that contains only and only CBD. All the other chemical compounds (e.g., other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, etc.) are removed from the plant.

CBD isolate extracts are the purest and safest way of taking CBD. In isolates, no other chemical compound interfere with the functioning of CBD and one is able to experience its therapeutic benefits completely.

Like broad-spectrum extracts, CBD isolates also do not contain THC. That is to say, they don’t pose the risk of intoxication either.

Where do CBD Isolate Extracts come from?

In India, CBD isolates are derived from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. Commonly, the method of solvent extraction is used to separate CBD from all the other chemical compounds.

Pros of CBD Isolate Extracts

Isolates are the purest form of CBD. These are the easiest and safest ways of taking CBD, especially for beginners. With CBD isolates, one does not have to worry about the effects or side effects of multiple chemical compounds.

Isolates are free of THC i.e., they don’t cause any intoxicating effects either.

Cons of CBD Isolate Extracts

Because isolates contain only one type of cannabinoid, they are relatively less potent. In theory, when different cannabinoids work together, they provide better, more comprehensive, benefits than a single cannabinoid.

Because only a single cannabinoid is present, CBD isolate extracts may require comparatively higher dosages than full- or broad-spectrum CBD.

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Who should use CBD Isolate Extracts?

CBD isolate extracts are most suitable for people who are:

  • Just beginning their CBD journey
  • Want to use CBD strictly as a wellness supplement
  • Are addressing mild medical conditions (such as inflammatory joint or muscle pain, everyday stress, or interrupted sleep, etc.)

Buy CBD Isolate Extracts in India

What are the Side Effects of CBD Extracts?

Irrespective of their type, CBD extracts can take time to adjust to a body. It is possible that CBD extracts may cause one or more of the following side effects:

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Indigestion
  • Reduced appetite

The side effects should subside with regular usage of CBD. However, if the side effects escalate or persist for a long time, please stop using the product and consult a medical professional.

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