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5 Reasons to Adopt Hemp Clothing in India

I have personally been impressed by the sudden rise to fame of hemp clothing in India. According to my impeccable observation, four out of five friends who venture into the hills for a soul-searching journey are bound to return with at least one hemp souvenir. Earlier in my life, I presumed the reason to be the hip image that surrounded hemp.

But upon further research, I discovered the groundbreaking benefits and magical strengths of hemp. That’s when I realized that by adopting hemp clothing, my friends were managing to save the world. This was an interesting insight, especially in the current times.

Recently, there has been an increasing craze for hemp clothing in India. Fashion enthusiasts, as well as those who actively fight for the planet’s health, are discovering, learning, and adopting hemp clothing in India.

Intrigued, I spoke to some of the people to learn why hemp clothing is such a hit with them. This is what I found:

5 Reasons to Switch to
Hemp Clothing in India

It Ages Like Fine Wine

Due to its antimicrobial properties, hemp is much more durable than other fibres. Albeit being the sturdiest fibre of all times, it is surprisingly soft. Even better is that with every laundry run, your hemp clothes keep getting softer! 

It Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Plants On Earth

A hemp crop matures in just 3 months, which is three times quicker than cotton. Moreover, it takes half the amount of space required to grow cotton, which leads to an accelerated production. This ability of hemp to be so easily and abundantly present as a raw material has the potential to revolutionize the textile industry. In return, this will provide consumers with a healthier alternative to synthetic fibres, which are detrimental to the environment and our precious body. 

Your Body Loves Hemp

Compared to the popular polyester that suffocates your skin, hemp is super breathable. Additionally, it acts as a protective shield against harmful UV rays. (Hemp is literally nature’s sunscreen, ha-ha!)

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Due to a high CO2 absorption rate during photosynthesis, hemp can prove to be carbon negative if companies are meticulous about their sourcing. In any case, hemp stands out even within other natural fibres in producing outstandingly low carbon footprints. Perhaps the secret to Bhutan- the only CO2 negative country in the world- is the generous cannabis that grows in its lush wild forests? 

It Helps You Save Water

For every kilogram of cotton, 2700 litres of water gets utilized. Hemp requires half of it. Cultivating hemp requires way less water than other popular fibres like cotton, thus helping us reduce the depletion of freshwater. 

As evident, hemp has given us terrific reasons to use it to our avail. Slowly, the world (and its economy) is acknowledging the various benefits of hemp and is gradually embracing hemp with open arms. 

Much like my younger self, most of us are prone to believe that these hemp clothes indicate an extensive journey to the mountains. For a long time, that was indeed the case. 


Thanks to ItsHemp, we can now deliver a wide array of hemp clothes directly to your doorstep in no time. Let’s invest in a hemp boom today!

Where to Buy Hemp Clothing in India?

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