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How to Buy Hemp Products in India (+101 Products to Buy)

How to Buy Hemp Products in India (+101 Products to Buy) on itsHemp

You can eat it, wear it, flaunt it, and you still won’t be able to do justice to the innumerable use cases of hemp. That’s how versatile this plant is. Hemp is an incredibly useful resource that can feed us, cloth us, build a home for us, make us fashionable, and more! If you’re looking to buy hemp products in India, here is a list of 101 products to check out!

101 Hemp Products You Can Buy in India

Food & Nutrition
CBD Products
CBD for Pets
Apparels & Clothing
Accessories & Gifts
Paper & Stationery
Grooming & Selfcare
Home & Furnishing

Food & Nutrition Hemp Products

1. Hemp Seeds

Let’s start with the basics! Hemp seeds are a storehouse of nutrition. Crunchy and highly versatile, whole hemp seeds are an excellent source of omega-6 and omega-3, protein, fibre, and dietary vitamins and minerals.

You can consume them raw or add them to your salads and smoothies!

2. Hemp Hearts

Hemp hearts are hemp seeds whose outer shell has been removed. But that does not affect its nutritional value—only the taste and texture. Hemp hearts are just as versatile. Add them to your salads, smoothies, cereal, or just have them straight out of the bag. They’re equally rich in protein, fibre, essential fatty acids, and dietary vitamins and minerals.

You can consume them raw or add them to your salads and smoothies!

3. Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is a versatile product that can be used as a cooking and skincare supplement. Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Hemp seed oil can be consumed directly, used as a salad dressing, in shakes and smoothies as well as hair and massage oil.

4. Hemp Protein Powder

If you’re looking to buy hemp products in India that are not only healthy but also delicious, hemp powder is the way to go. Packed with all 9 essential amino acids, dietary fibre, and protein, hemp powder can be a great addition to protein shakes, smoothies, and pancake batters.

5. Hemp Tea

A hempy twist to a staple beverage! Hemp tea is a beverage that combines tea and hemp leaves together. A cup of hemp tea every morning can help you kickstart your day at the right foot. At night, it will help relieve the stress of the day.

6. Hemp Coffee

For all the coffee lovers out there, hemp coffee is a blessing. It combines ground or whole coffee beans with hemp leaves. A cup of hemp coffee in the morning rejuvenates the body and fills it up with energy to take on the day.

7. Hemp Seed Trail Mix

If you’re looking to buy hemp products in India, you have to give the hemp seed trail mix a chance! Combining the nutritional goodness of pumpkin, sesame, flax, and sunflower seeds with that hemp seeds, this product is as healthy as munching can get.

8. Hemp Pasta

Sounds bizarre but it’s true. Hemp Fuseli Pasta is one of the most innovative hemp products that you can buy in India. You can make it with red or white sauce and sprinkle some hemp hearts on top to boost the nutrition.

9. Hemp Dosa

While you’re out exploring all kinds of hemp products, don’t forget to grab a packet of hemposa! That is Dosa with a hempy twist.

10. Energy bars

What better way to experience the nutritional boost of hemp than power-packed hemp granola bars? Convenient to carry and easy to use, hemp energy bars are the perfect companion for a healthy life.

CBD Products

11. CBD Oil

When you’re out to buy hemp products in India, don’t forget to check out CBD oil! A therapeutic product that is versatile to use. CBD oil can be used as a medicinal and wellness supplement. Consume it directly, add it food and drink items, or use it topically.

12. CBD Chocolates

Perhaps the most delicious way to consume CBD, CBD chocolates help in masking the strong taste and aroma of CBD.

13. CBD Gummies

Gummy bears with CBD, anyone? CBD Gummies are becoming the next trend in CBD products in India.

16. CBD Capsules

Much like traditional pills and tablets, CBD capsules are a discrete way of taking your daily dose of CBD.

15. CBD Balms

Perfect for inflamed muscles, joints, and skin, CBD balms can be massaged onto the skin directly.

16. Muscle balms

Muscles sore? No more. Hemp and CBD muscle balms are must buy hemp products in India! Filled with anti-inflammatory properties, hemp and CBD balms help relieve muscle and joint pain.

17. Topical sprays

Just another fancy way to use CBD oil.

18. Face serum

If you’re looking to buy hemp products in India that can help you better your skin, you have to try CBD-infused face serums. These are great products that not only moisturize the skin but also provide it with essential nourishment.

CBD for Pets

19. Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Hemp oil is a wonderful product for our 4-legged friends too! Regular use of hemp oil can strengthen the immunity in dogs while maintaining joint flexibility.

20. Hemp Seed Oil for Cats

Why should dogs have all the fun? Hemp seed oil can help maintain healthy fur on your cat. Add it to his/her food for enhanced metabolism.

21. CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil is a blessing for pets! Regular use of CBD oil can help improve the overall health of pets. CBD oil proves to be particularly helpful with indigestion, restlessness, anxiety, sleep problems, pain, inflammation, and joint problems.

22. CBD Dog Treats

An easy way to feed CBD to your dog, CBD-infused dog treats are convenient to use and do not require dosage administration.

23. Dry Food for Pets

Make health an integral part of your pet’s life with CBD-infused dry food for pets.

Apparels & Clothing

24. Jeans

Blue that is green! Hemp jeans are an amazing innovation that you absolutely have to try!

25. Shirts

Hemp shirts are a perfect choice for a formal interview and a family function.

26. Kurtas

If it’s not Indian, is it even hemp? Hemp kurtas combine tradition with sustainability.

27. Skirts

Hemp skirts are just the perfect flare you need to up any outfit.

28. Kurtis/Tops

Hemp kurtis and tops help you beat the trends because they are timeless!

29. T-shirts

Keep it casual while keeping it ethical. Hemp t-shirts make great everyday wear as they are anti-microbial and retain the body temperature.

30. Pants

If you want to buy hemp products in India that are durable, hemp pants are a must-try!

31. Lounge Pants

Add a bit of hempiness to your travels with these super comfortable hemp lounge pants.

32. Shorts

Hemp shorts help you beat the summer heat in style.

33. Scarves

A multipurpose accessory, hemp scarves are available in a variety of colours and designs.

34. Dresses

Trendy, fashionable, and long-lasting, hemp dresses are must buy hemp products in India.

35. Jumpsuits

Glamorous and trendy, hemp jumpsuits will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

36. Blazers

Stand out at your workplace with beautiful and modern hemp blazers.

37. Jackets

Layer up your wardrobe with elegant and durable hemp jackets.

38. Hoodies

Hemp hoodies are the ultimate cosy and comfortable wear!

39. Clothing sets

Add a touch of hemp to your wardrobe with these simple yet fancy clothing sets.

40. Vests

Complete that ethnic look with a vest made from 100% hemp fabric.

41. Underwear

Among the list of must-buy hemp products in India, hemp underwear has to be on the top. It is super soft, comfortable, and lasts for a long time.

42. Hemp fabric

If hemp clothes are not your jam, try loose hemp fabric. Soft, durable, and long-lasting, it’s perfect for a DIY project.

Accessories & AddOns

43. Masks

An essential commodity now, hemp face masks are super breathable and constantly adjust the body temperature. Hemp fabric is naturally anti-microbial which gives these masks an added layer of protection.

44. Wallets

If you’re not flaunting hemp wallets, are you even a hemp lover? Hemp fibre wallets are trendy, convenient, and super durable.

45. Slippers

Sturdy, warm, and versatile, hemp slippers are one of those hemp products in India that go with every outfit!

46. Tote bags

Up your fashion game while being sustainable. Hemp tote bags are stronger and more durable than other cloth bags.

47. Hemp Bag sets

Keep your accessory game versatile with these super adorable sets of hemp bags. A clutch, a sling, and a hand-held bag together make the cutest combination.

48. Hats

How cool would it be to wear hemp on your head? With finely-crafted hemp hats, you can! When you’re looking to buy hemp products in India, hemp hats are perfect because they’re useful in all weathers!

49. Pencil Pouches

Pencil pouches made from hemp fibre are just the cutest hemp accessory that you can buy in India! Perfect for school and work, these are available in sets and as individual pieces.

50. Sling bags

Hemp sling bags make a cute, highly useful accessory that adds a peppy vibe to your fashion game.

51. Backpacks

Available in a plethora of sizes, colours, and designs, hemp backpacks are must buy hemp products in India. Take them along on a casual day out or a soulful journey into the mountains.

52. Laptop Bags

Hemp laptop bags are just as versatile and they double up as a work accessory too!

53. Laptop Sleeves

Add a chic, elegant layer to your work sass with these beautiful hemp laptop sleeves.

54. Clutch bags

Perfectly designed, hemp clutch bags make for a cute, useful accessory.

55. Beanies

Bring out the boho in you with a colourful range of uniquely-designed hemp beanies.

56. Waist Pouches

No pockets? No worries. Carry your essentials hands-free with hemp waist pouches. Containing at least 3 pockets, these come with an adjustable strap.

57. Pocket & Coin Purses

If cuteness had a look, it would be eerily similar to these. Cute, comfortable, and super useful, hemp pocket and coin purses fit easily into your purse or pockets and help you carry essentials everywhere, all the time.

58. Wrist bands

Hemp wrist bands are a minimalist accessory that adds colour and vibrancy to your life. Made from 100% hemp fibre, these wrist bands are the simplest way to tell a friend you care.

59. Dreamcatchers

Catch a dream and keep it in your pocket with these colourful, vibrant, and elegant hemp dreamcatchers.

60. Quilted Pouches

If the rough hemp texture doesn’t fit with you, you can try quilted hemp pouches. These have a soft texture, fit easily into your bags, and are spacious enough to hold all your essentials.

61. Bottle Holders

Okay, these may be a little out there but once you get the hang of them, they can actually come in quite handy.

Paper & Stationery

62. Hemp Paper

When you’re out to buy hemp products in India, you have to, HAVE TO try hemp paper! Hemp paper is a tree-free alternative to the paper we use right now. It is stronger than timber paper and is tear-resistant as well.

63. Hemp Paper Postcards

An exclusive ItsHemp product, hemp paper postcards are a cute way to remind yourself that hemp is a lifestyle. These look absolutely adorable on your work desk or bedroom wall and also make a great gift for your friends and family.

64. Hemp Paper Pens

Another exclusive ItsHemp product, hemp paper pens are recyclable pens made with hemp paper. These are relatively plastic-free and let’s be honest, they look beautiful.

65. Hemp Paper Bags

Remember that time when you have to gift something to someone special but you can’t find a decent-looking bag for it? Well, hemp paper to your rescue! Elegant and simple, hemp paper gift bags are a handy accessory to have at home. They are stronger and more durable than normal paper.

66. Notepads (pocket diaries)

If you’re someone who loves scribbling everything all of the time, then you have to buy these cute little hemp pocket diaries!


Hemp paper bookmarks are a must hemp product for all the nerds out there! Strong, durable, and handmade with love!

68. Envelopes

Hemp paper envelopes are reusable envelopes that can cover greeting cards, letters, postcards, photographs, and other similar gifts.

69. Diaries

If you don’t own a hemp diary, are you even a stationery lover?

Grooming & Self-care

70. Soaps and soap bars

Hemp soaps are another one of the must-buy hemp products in India. These are free of chemicals and keep the skin naturally moisturised.

71. Shampoo bars

Sustainable body care all the way! Hemp shampoo bars combine the nourishment of hemp oil with ethical, chemical-free, and sustainable packaging.

72. Conditioners

The product that completes the package, hemp conditioners are suitable for all hair types and are particularly good for locking in moisture and reducing frizz.

73. Body butters

Body butters infused with hemp oil help moisturise dry skin.

74. Body Yoghurt

Body yoghurts with hemp oil keep the skin moisturised and can be used for massages as well.

75. Body Scrub

Hemp oil body scrubs enhance the process of exfoliation cleansing the skin deeply.

76. Beard oil

Hemp oil in combination with other therapeutic oils nourishes and strengthens beard hair, promoting healthy growth.

77. Face cream

Face creams with hemp oil help maintain the right levels of oil in the skin preventing dryness and excess oil production.

78. Face wash

Start your mornings on a refreshing note with hemp face washes.

79. Hair cream

Hair masks are so out! Hemp hair creams are natural, chemical-free masks that rejuvenate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

80. Hand cream

Convenient to use and easy to carry around, hemp hand creams make it easy to constantly moisturise the hands.

81. Hair oil

Hemp oil strengthens the hair follicles, helps fight dandruff, and promotes hair growth.

82. Body oil

Perfect for a relaxing body massage, hemp body oil nourishes the skin and reduces inflammation throughout.

83. Hair masque

Hemp hair masque protects, repairs, and nourishes hair from deep within.

84. Shower gel

Hemp shower gels cleanse and nourish the skin without stripping it off its natural moisture.

85. Under eye cream

Under-eye creams with hemp oil have anti-ageing properties and help in managing dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines below the eyes.

86. Hand wash

Hemp hand wash combines disinfection with hydration. It is soft on the skin, does not contain harsh chemicals, and keeps the skin young while killing 90% of the germs.

87. Hand Sanitizer

Want to buy hemp products in India that are super useful? You have to try hemp hand sanitiser. The presence of hemp oil neutralises the harshness of alcohol on the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for long.

88. Roll-ons

Hemp roll-ons are an organic, chemical-free way to lock in freshness in the skin. This product is particularly useful in the summers as it beats the sweat and prevents bacteria as well.

89. Lip balms

If you’re a fan of organic skincare, hemp lip balms are going to suit you just right. The nutrition of hemp is blended with ethical, chemical-free formulations.

90. Lip salves

Lip balms with a thicker consistency to better lock in the moisture.

91. Candles

Your search for a peaceful, soft, and healthy light ends here. Hemp candles are a great way to unwind and relax at the end of a day.

92. Massage Oils

Hemp massage oils use hemp seed oil in combination with other essential oils to enhance the aromatherapy experience. Hemp seed oil is highly nutritional and has great benefits for the skin. In combination with other aromatic oils, it can reduce stress, improve blood flow in the body, and provide relaxation.

93. Sanitary Napkins

That’s right! Hemp sanitary napkins are washable and reusable pads that can drastically reduce the waste created during a menstrual cycle. They are more comfortable in comparison to ordinary napkins. Hemp fabric is naturally anti-microbial and therefore helps in protecting the vaginal area against foreign bacteria.

Home & Furnishing

94. Bedsheets

A touch of hemp for your bedroom! Hemp bedsheets are a trendy and healthy accessory. Hemp fabric is naturally anti-microbial, keeping the dust and bacteria at bay.

95. Towels

Hemp towels are quick-absorbing, designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

96. Table Runners

Hemp table runners allow you to beautifully layer up the décor of your house.

97. Table Mats

A natural, organic, and more durable alternative to plastic mats, hemp table mats are another one of the must-buy hemp products in India.

98. Cushion Covers

Hemp cushion covers are going to be the next trend in interior décor. They are classy, elegant, and of course, sustainable!

99. Lampshades

Hemp lampshades are beautiful. That’s it.

100. Twine Coasters

Hemp twine coasters are another one on the list of must-buy hemp products in India. Rough and ragged, these coasters are strong, durable, and re-usable!

101. Disposable Coasters

Disposability done right! Hemp completely dissolves into the soil in a span of 4-6 months. These coasters make for a great travel and gifting accessory.

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