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CBD Oil vs. Tinctures | Which is better?

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An increase in information and demand has led to the diversification of CBD products over the past years. CBD is now available in India in a variety of products in the market. Two types of CBD products that have been gaining popularity amongst consumers are CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures.

Even though they are two very different products, CBD oil and CBD tinctures are often confused for being the same. The dropper style packaging that is common in both may throw people off and companies too may fall short in defining them apart. Hence, it is important for people to distinguish between the two products and make an informed purchase.

CBD Oil vs. Tincture

Extraction Process
Side Effects

Just like our beloved coconut oil or olive oil, even the stocks, leaves, and flowers of the cannabis plant can be extracted into oil. This oil is popularly known as CBD oil.

On the other hand, just like garlic and chamomile, cannabis too can be soaked in alcohol. The alcohol extracts all the active ingredients of cannabis and concentrates them into a liquid form. The final result is a CBD Tincture.


What is CBD Oil and How Is It Made?

CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant plus a carrier oil. It has an earthy taste and is usually derived from a supercritical CO2 extraction process. This process is extremely advanced. It is also deemed the cleanest and most preferred method of CBD extraction, especially for making CBD isolates. When this process is carried out, it leaves us with CBD and other compounds like flavonoids, terpenes, etc. A carrier oil like MCT is added to this as a base.

The three types of CBD oils are Full-spectrum CBD, Broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolates. Due to its high concentration of cannabinoids and other compounds, people use it for various medical purposes. It helps with pain management, anxiety, insomnia, mood, appetite, and nausea. 

What Is CBD Tincture and How Is It Made?

CBD Tinctures use an alcohol-based soaking method. In this method, cannabis is soaked until CBD compounds like cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc., separate themselves from the rest of the plant. This method provides us with a liquid that is rich in active cannabis ingredients. As mentioned earlier, It is also highly concentrated in nature and has health benefits similar to those of CBD oil. 

In addition to cannabis compounds, vegetable glycerin and a flavouring agent is also added to the tincture to make it more palatable. Many flavouring choices are available like peppermint, vanilla, and orange. 

Those who are DIY enthusiasts will be excited to know that it is possible to make CBD Tinctures at home (A lot of patience is a prerequisite!). 


How to apply CBD Oil? 

CBD oil can be used for vaping and topical applications. Since an oil base is used to make CBD oil, it makes it a great ingredient in making fat-soluble dishes like butter and cookies. (Bakers, make a note!)  

How to apply CBD Tincture? 

The most preferred way is to take CBD tincture sublingually. Alternatively, they can also be mixed with food. Since it is water-soluble, it can easily be added to beverages. Unlike CBD oil, CBD tincture can not be used topically.


What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

As mentioned previously, it is the cleanest option to use CBD. It is incredibly versatile and can be used topically, sublingually, in capsules and edibles, etc. It also makes the most sense to procure an isolated form of CBD from this method. Since the manufacturing cost of CBD tinctures is less, it is generally cheaper than CBD oil. 

What are the benefits of CBD Tinctures?

Since additional flavouring is added in tinctures, the taste is much more pleasant than the taste of CBD Oil. The oily texture of CBD oils is also not a problem. This quality of tinctures also makes it a more appealing option for your pets.


Both CBD Oil and Tinctures have similar side effects. This may include nausea, dry mouth, anxiety, vomiting, alteration in mood and appetite, drowsiness, and dizziness with subjectivity to users. Make sure to talk to a doctor before starting any CBD supplement.

In short, when talking about CBD Oil vs. tincture, we need to take into account how they are made, what they consist of, and how they are applied or ingested. A fundamental understanding of this difference helps us in purchasing the product that is best for us!

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