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Buy CBD Capsules Online in India on ItsHemp

ItsHemp is an online platform that enables the discovery and adoption of hemp, CBD, and cannabis products in India. We have more than 1300 cannabis products, from India and the world, on a single platform.

What are CBD Capsules?

CBD Capsules are pills or tablets containing CBD oil. These are simple, discrete ways of consuming CBD.

CBD capsules are consumed like traditional medicine. We take them directly with a glass of water. Some capsules may also contain other medicinal herbs or ingredients along with CBD.

Types of CBD Capsules

There are two main types of CBD Capsules:

  • Hard-shelled capsules: capsules that have a strong, rigid shell containing CBD in powder or pellet form.
  • Soft gel capsules: Soft gel capsules have a soft shell and contain CBD oil with a carrier oil such as MCT, coconut, or hemp seed oil.

Is CBD legal in India?

Yes, as per the latest information available in 2021, CBD is legal in India. It is legal to buy and sell CBD products with low amounts of THC for medical and wellness purposes.

What is the difference between CBD Edibles and CBD Capsules?

CBD Edibles are ready-to-eat food and drink items that are infused with CBD oil. Some common examples of CBD edibles that you can buy in India are chocolates, gummies, tea, coffee, etc.

CBD edibles can be any food item with additional ingredients.

CBD Capsules are non-food items that contain CBD. These have a similar appearance to traditional medicines. Unlike edibles, CBD capsules can only be consumed in one particular way.

How long do CBD Capsules take to have an effect?

CBD capsules first pass through the digestive system. They are broken down into simpler components before being absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD capsules can, therefore, take up to 1 hour to show visible effects.

However, this time can vary depending on the individual metabolism and weight of the body as well as the medical condition being targeted. Generally, you should let 1-2 hours pass before looking for the visible effects of CBD capsules.

For which medical conditions can I buy CBD Capsules in India?

CBD capsules are a discrete and simple way of maintaining a uniform dosage of CBD. You can buy CBD capsules in India for the following medical conditions:

  • Arthritis Swelling and Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Insomnia
  • Skin Conditions

How to administer dosage in CBD Capsules?

CBD capsules come with a predetermined amount of CBD that gets equally divided among the total number of servings.

If you have a pack of 30 capsules with 750mg of CBD, then each capsule contains 750/30= 25mg of CBD.

If your dosage is 50mg of CBD, then you need to take 2 capsules throughout the day—once in the morning and once at night.

What are the side effects of CBD Capsules?

CBD is generally safe and well-tolerated for people of all ages. However, CBD can take time to adjust to each individual body. Some common side effects of CBD capsules are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Interaction with other medicines

Why buy CBD in India on ItsHemp?

Though popular, the CBD industry is still new in India. As a user, you will have an overwhelming number of options to choose from. And when it comes to your pet, you would only want to trust the best.

ItsHemp is a platform that collates CBD products for pets from India and other countries on a single platform. On ItsHemp, you can compare the different CBD products available in India before you buy them.

Our support team ensures to answer all your questions before you make a purchase. We work hard to keep ourselves up to date with the latest rules, regulations, and research in the field of CBD and cannabis. We also have in-depth knowledge about the products listed on our website.

A few reasons that make ItsHemp the most reliable store to buy CBD in India are:

  1. We list only certified CBD products that undergo a thorough quality check.
  2. We ensure that you have the maximum possible information about a product so that you can make an informed decision.

ItsHemp is one of the very few platforms that work with Indian and international CBD brands. A popular international brand that sells CBD for Pets in India at ItsHemp is Hemp Heros.

How to buy CBD in India?

Even though CBD products with a low amount of THC (ideally less than 0.3%) are legal in India, it is still not possible to buy CBD in India through retail or medical stores.

The best way to buy CBD in India is online through platforms like ItsHemp. ItsHemp is a platform that sells and delivers CBD directly to your doorstep irrespective of your location. ItsHemp offers a speedy discovery throughout the country.

At ItsHemp, you can compare more than 1300 different cannabis products before you buy CBD in India. The platform also has a select collection of international CBD products.

Where to buy CBD in India?

You can buy CBD in India on ItsHemp. ItsHemp is an online store that sells more than 1300 different cannabis products. The platform works with more than 85 hemp, CBD, and cannabis companies in India. At ItsHemp, you can buy the best quality CBD in India.

ItsHemp is a trusted online store that provides certified, lab-tested products. At ItsHemp you can buy CBD in India in the form of oil, chocolates, gummies, tea, coffee, and balms. At ItsHemp you can also buy CBD for pets in India.