Does CBD Cream Hydrate The Skin More Than A Moisturizer?

Does CBD Cream Hydrate The Skin More Than A Moisturizer? on itsHemp
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There are many ways to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and you can choose anyone. Primary steps include consuming more water and eating healthy and sugar-free food items. You can also use sunscreens and moisturizers to take care of your skin. However, many believe that products like CBD Cream can replace moisturizers and hydrate your skin naturally.

Why Hydrate Your Skin?

As we all know, it is crucial to hydrate our bodies for proper functioning and optimum health overall. The human body consists of 70% water, and our organs need to function appropriately. Several cells need proper levels of water to work. Similarly, our skin needs sufficient moisture.

The skin is impeccably crucial for our body as it eradicates toxins, regulates temperature and facilitates tactile and temperature sensations. It also acts as a barrier for our body and protects us from foreign micro-organisms and substances that can potentially irritate our bodies.

Unhydrated skin can turn dry and flaky. Due to the thin outer layers of the skin, dry skin fails to maintain a sturdy barrier, making it incapable of keeping harmful substances out. It may lead to flakiness, redness, itches, heightened sensitivity of the skin, etc. This type of skin is also more susceptible to ageing (lines and wrinkles). It does not glow as much as healthy skin and looks dull instead. On the other hand, healthy skin looks fresher, smoother, and has a natural glow. It is also more flexible and tough to penetrate.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a natural compound from the Cannabis Sativa plant having many practical uses. The “high” caused by marijuana is primarily due to THC, a related compound to CBD. Though they are close to each other, they are very different in practicality and impact. THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) is psychotropic, meaning it will make you feel dizzy or even get you high. CBD does not have any such signs. It is not psychoactive, and you can work perfectly fine after consuming it. It is a natural remedy for plenty of issues that people face. Let us look at a few benefits and uses of this remarkable product.

CBD vs. Moisturizers

CBD creams could provide the perfect way out without making you feel like you have oil fields on your face! This one will come as good news for people who hate oily moisturizers. Especially men who do not usually care about skincare routines may also find CBD creams extremely helpful. On the other hand, if you use moisturizers, you would know the struggles of finding one that suits your skin perfectly.

Many of us still haven’t found one yet! CBD creams take the lead in such a scenario as they are usually natural, and you do not need to worry about which chemical you should avoid. Hence, they can become the one fit for many globally.

CBD for the skin: Is it better than a moisturizer?

CBD may do wonders for our skin. Dry skin can lead to a severe lack of moisture, and even conditions like Eczema, in some cases. It is a disease where your skin forms red bumps on certain skin parts. They are itchy and irritate your skin. You may see these rashes in patches with some bits of inflammation. It is a common skin condition that may get worse over time. Cannabidiol may help Eczema patients by providing pain relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD cream can also help reduce the symptoms of the disease.

CBD also has appetite and sleep-boosting properties. They can also help in maintaining healthy skin. Consuming more healthy food items can lead to better skin health. You must remember to include Vitamin C in your diet. Similarly, proper sleep at night can lead to better skin. Lack of quality sleep can lead to acne breakouts and small bumps on the skin. You will also notice dark circles, deteriorating your health further. The skin below our eyes is fragile and needs proper blood circulation (the lack of which causes dark circles).

Another use of CBD lies in its unparalleled stress-relieving qualities. Stress can lead to breakouts and worsen conditions like Eczema and psoriasis. Exercising can also improve skin health by increasing blood circulation throughout the body. It aids in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells, maintaining the overall skin quality.

Other Uses of CBD

Cannabidiol is an incredibly versatile offering from the Cannabis plant and has several use cases. It has reportedly served people with various ailments like sleep deprivation, pain, stress and anxiety, depression, etc. Recently, there are even claims of its positive effects on cancer and epilepsy. However, these reports still lack enough concrete proof to back them up. With more time and interest from authorities, we can have ourselves a product with unmatched effectiveness.

Ways to use CBD

As we have seen, CBD is an impressively versatile product that you can use in numerous ways. You can take it directly in its purest oil form or opt for one of the others in which we find it in the market. You may find CBD tinctures, vapes, juices, sprays, gummies, pills, etc. They are all tremendously popular and perfectly do the job for which they are famous. Due to the skin rejuvenating benefits of CBD, many cosmetic companies have started to infuse it with their products. You can find several CBD creams in the market for your particular skin type. You should use the one which suits you the most for maximum benefits. 

Is it Legal?

The rules regarding cannabinoids have always been very tricky. We have never had a clear picture regarding how we should treat these products. However, the 2018 Farm Bill in the USA gave us a prominent point to start. Although it is still not clear how the government sees these products, they have given a green signal when you follow certain conditions. The most critical condition you should know about is the 0.3% THC limit that makes CBD products legal in the United States (federally). The United Kingdom has a limit of 0.2% THC, and your CBD creams must have under that amount to qualify as legal. No matter where you live, you must check the laws that your area has specified to make a purchase.

In India, the government allows the use of CBD products with low amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) as a medicinal and wellness supplement.


As we have seen, locking in the moisture in our skin is essential for its optimum health and functioning. Dryness is a sign of unhealthy skin and could harm our health. With CBD, we may see effects that might lead to fresher and more glowing skin. It is not always about the look. The overall health of our skin plays a massive role in our overall body’s health. Hence, protecting them from harmful UV rays and excessive dryness should be our top priority. Even though our lifestyles nowadays include plenty of staying indoors in front of our computers, the sunlight reaching us can have severely negative results.

With Cannabidiol, you may see remarkable results in terms of skin health. It may genuinely become your shield in this scorching heat. Before buying it for this summer, you must check the laws in your area and ask your doctor about its potential effects for maximum precautions.

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