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Learn How CBD Can Help a Diabetic Patient

Learn How CBD Can Help a Diabetic Patient on itsHemp

A healthy life leads to a wealthy life. This sentence is remarkably accurate given the amount of pollution and intoxication we live in today. Chronic diseases have now started haunting people of every age group. Earlier, these chronic diseases were a part of ageing.

CDC explains chronic diseases as “conditions that last one year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.” The leading cause of death in the USA is heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These diseases are examples of chronic diseases. National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) provides statistics on chronic diseases, their impact, and management.

Diabetes occurs when your blood glucose, or the blood sugar in your body, is too high. Glucose provides energy to our body by energizing the cells. Glucose is absorbed by the cells so that they can receive the power. Insulin is the hormone that facilitates the entry of glucose into the cell. The pancreas release insulin into the body.

When little or no insulin is released, glucose starts accumulating in your blood and increases the blood sugar level leading to diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes include thirst, urination, and appetite or polydipsia, polyuria, and polyphagia, respectively. There are three types of diabetes—type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

What Is CBD?

It is the second most prevalent active ingredient in the cannabis plant after THC. CBD hemp flowers are available in edibles, oil, cream, etc. They are readily available in online retail stores. Cannabidiol effectively lowers anxiety, improves insomnia, lowers muscle pain and arthritis, and reduces cravings for alcohol, cannabis, opiates, and other substances. The amount of cannabidiol that you require should be known to you. Overuse may lead to various side effects like nausea, fatigue, and irritability. CBD is primarily sold as non-edible products all over the USA because FDA doesn’t regulate the safety and purity of the edible counterparts.

How does CBD Work On Diabetes?

Learn How CBD Can Help a Diabetic Patient on itsHemp
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Many case studies and research are going on to provide more evidence on whether or not CBD helps maintain blood glucose levels. Reports suggest that cannabidiols increased by 340% among diabetic people between 2005 and 2018. Statistically, researchers also saw that 50% of diabetic people use Cannabidiol only for recreational purposes.

Blood Sugar Levels

But there are cases from Nevada that showed Cannabidiol oil improved blood sugar levels. The patients used CBD oil to massage their bodies. Results showed that their nerve pain improved, but their glucose level also enhanced.

These people reported that they could sleep better after using CBD products. Reports till now have shown that the percentage of THC in Cannabidiol products helps in improving blood glucose levels.


Arthritis is a significant disease that leads to diabetes. CBD may improve diabetic conditions because it is known to improve arthritis conditions. Maybe CBD won’t let diabetes form in the body of an arthritis patient. There is a lot of hype surrounding Cannabidiol improving Diabetic conditions. As of now, proving whether CBD can improve diabetes is complicated.

CBD’s conclusion recently is that it can relieve pain, soothe inflammation, acne, and blemishes, ease joint and muscle pain, relax your mind and treat insomnia. As of now, there is no noticeable effect on blood sugar directly from Cannabidiol and not THC. However, research work is continuing on animals, especially mice and rats. Results from mice and humans will be different, according to researchers.

Latest Research

“Currently, CBD sits in a grey area,” says CDC. A vast majority of the population has accepted that it is medically fit, especially in areas where research has been successful and has had positive results. But FDA requires a gold standard of clinical trials to approve any new drug for the consumption of the masses. It is not unlawful. The FDA has ordered all products to have 0.3% or less THC content. FDA also doesn’t allow misbranding and tall claims.

Few more research included CBD’s work in improving insulin resistance and pancreas health. The subjects took 100mg of Cannabidiol twice daily. Results show that fasting plasma glucose decreased and pancreatic health improved. Another benefit of CBD is that it can improve the condition of diabetic neuropathy. CBD relieves the discomfort and pain involved in the disease. It can assist with many typical mental and physical ailments. It is also more affordable than the chemical-based products in the market.

What Can We Take Away from The Discussion?

In conclusion, all we can say is that all the CBD research is in the early stages. The FDA acknowledges the CBD products such as CBD vape pen kit, if not openly, but it says that people have said CBD has worked for them with negligible side effects. A year or two down the line, FDA will have enough positive clinical trials to state its efficiency and usage.

These CBD-Based products are the start of a new revolution, and this revolution is for the betterment of the world. With more organic constituents, less chance of chronic side effects. It is vital to market Cannabidiol products outside the US to reach a wider pool of customers. Let the revolution be global and not local!

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