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Medical Marijuana—Things to Know Before Using

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As medical marijuana gains fame among consumers and healthcare providers alike, ItsHemp believes it’s imperative to educate the community about the rudiments. A growing number of people are advocating the use of medical cannabis for treating multiple health conditions ranging from lack to appetite to anxiety and epilepsy.

But before you embark on the journey of making medical marijuana an essential part of your life, here are some things that you must know and absolutely keep in mind.

There is no one-fit-all

The thing with medicine is that what works for one patient might not work for another. And that is completely normal. Things are same with medical marijuana as well. While there is a possibility of the drug being different, there is always to be considered the fact that different human bodies react to drugs differently. This response varies in correspondence to age, genetics, and medical history among other factors.

Same Strain can equal Varying Cannabinoids

Medical Marijuana is consumed for its THC and CBD content. THC and CBD are the substances present in marijuana that exhibits medicinal properties. While the basic genetic make-up of the cannabis plant remains the same, the amount of CBD present in each strain can vary. This depends, among many other things, on the genetics and authenticity of the source strain. For instance, the same strain can have 5% and 25% THC respectively when purchased from two different buyers.

Patients Should Confirm Freedom from Contaminants

In order for dispensaries to sell medical marijuana, it is compulsory to test the product for contaminants such as heavy metal, mould, pesticides, and mildew. The patients with a weak or compromised immune system usually confirm these tests.

Can be ingested in Many Ways

Consumers have the option to smoke, vapourize, drink, or eat their medical marijuana. The dispensaries that sell medical marijuana are required to produce all the marijuana-infused products. It is crucial for consumers to buy medical marijuana from certified and trusted manufacturers. It is highly likely that medical marijuana sold outside of dispensaries may not be tested and might be considered illegal.

Storage Affects Potency

As is with some medicines, medical marijuana requires storage care. Some patients recommend refrigeration of the product in the belief that heat degrades the potency while some patients state otherwise. Moreover, the science used to set expiration dates may vary from one manufacturer to the next. Therefore, it is advised that you inquire about the storage care at the dispensary in addition to what is written on the product.

Double-check your dosage

While the products infused with medical marijuana come with dosages specified on the box, it is always a good choice to check the dosage appropriate for you with your physician. The pre-set dose is, more often than not, based on scientific researches but the research is limited and does not take into account the individual biology of human bodies.

All Pot is not Alike

Every strain of medical marijuana contains a different concentration of cannabinoids. THC and CBD remain the two main cannabinoids but the plant contains at least a 110 other cannabinoids which vary in strength and concentration thus producing a difference in the effects.

THC can produce side-effects

THC can in particular produce side-effects. Some patients report that after heavily using marijuana as medicine, they experience withdrawal on cutting back. It is advised that you keep your body’s reaction in check and consult with your physician thoroughly.

Trial and Error may be needed

It is highly likely that you may have to visit at least a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries before you find the one that suits you. In addition to varying strains and concentrations, the dosage of medical marijuana varies greatly according to the laws governing the region. It can be very helpful to have the dispensary staff run you through an oral user guide and answer all your questions about possible reactions and side-effects.

Here is a list of questions you can ask the dispensary staff members:

Are pesticides used to grow a particular strain of medical marijuana?
Are your products tested for bacteria and fungus? What are the results? Where may these be verified?
What is your training and experience in recommending medical marijuana?
Do you store and/or handle your products carefully to avoid spillage and contamination?

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