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Ahs, Ums, and Awkward Silences

Know that moment when you mention sex in front of your relatives and everyone gets awkward?

That is pretty much the level of awkwardness Srijan and Apurva had on their live session on February 2nd. The duo had decided to talk to the community all about eating hemp but guess what, they forgot to prepare for it.

Inspired from the Hemp Heart Brownies that they baked for Valentine’s and the Hempy 2020 combo for February, the misfits decided to talk to the community about hemp edibles. Awkwardly speaking over each other, Srijan and Apurva managed to tell the community about the omega 6 & 3 richness of hemp seeds and protein nutrition of its derived products.

The author here is experiencing the same level of awkwardness because she doesn’t have anything else to say about it. Mostly because nothing else happened. It wasn’t the best of their live sessions but Apurva had chai and Srijan took a walk and they were back in their high spirits.

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