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What is the difference between Hemp & CBD Oil?

difference between hemp & CBD oil on itsHemp
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“Are hemp and CBD oil same?”, is an unavoidable question. Though we use the two phrases interchangeably, there is a very basic, and important, difference between them.

Although both come from the hemp plant, there is a difference in their usage and effects on the human body. Hemp, in general, is greater than the sum of its parts. Oil extracted from the seeds vary greatly from the one extracted from the stalk. It is in this extraction that the difference between the two lies.

Are Hemp and CBD Oil Same?

What is Hemp Oil?
What is hemp oil good for?
Buy Hemp Oil in India
What is CBD Oil?
What are the benefits of CBD oil?
Buy CBD oil in India

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil, also hemp seed oil, comes from the seeds of the hemp plant. The seeds of the plant are cold-pressed and hemp oil is extracted similar to coconut and olive oil. The process of cold pressing helps maintain the purity and integrity of the seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is sometimes also referred to as cannabis Sativa seed oil and contains absolutely no cannabinoids. It is nourishing in nature and possesses anti-oxidant properties. Since there is no THC or CBD present in the seeds of the hemp plant, the hemp seed oil is devoid of cannabinoids as well.

What is Hemp Oil Good For?

Hemp seed oil is increasingly replacing other plant-based cooking oils in grocery stores. It is a superfood consumed for its high levels of Omega 6 and Omega 3. The oil contains as much as 76% of the essential fatty acids required by the human body. That is to say, it is a rich protein source.

It contains low amounts of saturated fats and is primarily used as a dietary supplement and cooking oil.

Hemp oil also inherits the anti-oxidant properties of the plant and is, therefore, a good natural supplement for the skin. The lipids present in the oil are similar to the naturally-occurring lipids in the human body making it an effective moisturizer.

Hemp seed oil also contains high levels of vitamin E, B, B1, and B2. This is in addition to potassium and magnesium. Hemp oil is increasingly being used as a base ingredient in cosmetic and skin-care products. It also finds application as the base for different forms of plastic and in the production of more environment-friendly paints.

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What is CBD oil?

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBD oil, then, refers to oil containing a concentration of CBD. Its extraction mostly occurs from the mature stalk and/or flowers of the hemp plant. The focus in this extraction is on getting as high a percentage of CBD as possible, therefore, the name CBD oil.

CBD oil is sometimes referred to as CBD hemp oil. This is because industrial hemp is the richest source of CBD. Depending on the source strain of CBD, it may or may not contain trace amounts of THC.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oil works on the human body through interaction with the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is the system in the human body responsible for keeping all systems in check and proper functioning.

It finds most of its fame in the medical marijuana industry since an increasing number of studies find it to be a potential treatment for multiple health conditions. CBD oil, CBD hemp oil, or CBD-rich hemp oil is used for regular maintenance of the human body.

It is an effective remedy for acne, eczema, and inflated and dry skin. The oil is also rich in antioxidants and has antibacterial properties as well. It is primarily a relaxant and helps in calming the body in anxiety and depression.

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