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Santas, Hempy Presents, and a Special Message

We are Hempy Santas!

Srijan and Apurva made everyone’s year a little hempy this month. Through a nation-wide Secret Santa, the duo got over a 100 strangers from 26 cities in the country to anonymously gift each other hempy presents!

And on December 28th, all the hempy Santas came together on an Instagram and Facebook live session to unwrap their gifts. While Srijan and Apurva’s magical stupidity was the same as last time, some sane moments in the conversation was when other Santas joined in and shared the story of their hempy Christmas with everyone.

This time around, both the misfits were showcasing hemp products and of course, there were not-so-subtle marketing and promotions attempts. Apurva had no cup of chai even though it was freezing outside but Srijan didn’t have his gift so they’re square.

P.S: They got into an argument.
P.P.S: He did not win.

Ye Saal Bhaang ke Naam

When all the gifts were unwrapped and everyone was in high spirit of New Years, the misfits announced their plan to make Ye Saal Bhaang Ke Naam. For 2020, Srijan and Apurva are taking up a challenge to replace 20 unsustainable daily-use products with sustainable hemp alternatives. And they invite you all to do the same!

Join the misfits in this crazy adventure and write your own story of a Hempy 2020.

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