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Something is not special just because it’s made from hemp.

Srijan and Apurva had no idea that they believed in this myth until it was pointed out to them. On January 18th, the misfits brought together a group of hemp enthusiasts in Deer Park, New Delhi to talk about all things Hemp. Amidst Srijan’s seemingly endless monologues and Apurva’s attempt to end them, the duo gained some pretty incredible insights about hemp products.

When they were not promoting the Hempy 2020 campaign, the misfits asked the community their take on shifting to a hemp-based lifestyle. With user-experience as the prime focus, Srijan and Apurva conversed with the people to understand their reluctance to adopt hemp and hemp-based products.

The hempy humans helped them understand that the adoption of hemp-products needs more empirical evidence and hemp alone cannot be the USP of the products. The discussion got pretty intense and the misfits being their awkward self cracked stupid jokes here and there.

Towards the end, a number of new collaborations were planned and everyone showed off their hemp paper postcards to the camera! Apurva then headed to have her cup of chai and Srijan did something we don’t remember.

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