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3 Ways to Use Hemp Powder for Improving Athletic Performance

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Athletes who partake in strenuous exercise require a slightly increased quantity of protein in their diet. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, strength and endurance athletes require around 1.2-2.0g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

Hemp Protein Powder is becoming the next go-to source of plant-based protein for athletes. In this article, we understand the 3 most basic ways in which you can add hemp protein powder to improve your athletic performance.

3 Ways to use Hemp protein powder to improve your Athletic Performance 

As a pre-workout snack

Pre-workout meal or snack is taken  30-60 minutes before exercising. It keeps our body properly fuelled and energized so that our body can perform at its peak and we finish our workout strongly. 

The best type of pre-work snack should contain easy to digest carbohydrates (for fuel) and a small amount of protein (to preserve lean muscle mass). 

Hemp protein powder can be mixed with water, milk, yoghurt, or any of your favourite fruit smoothies to give your body that added boost of energy. 

As a post-workout snack

Our muscles use up glycogen (stored form of carbohydrates) deposits in our body for fuel during physical exercise. This leads to depletion of glycogen and break down of some protein from our muscles. 

Consuming an adequate amount of protein after a workout supplies our body with amino acids. These help repair and rebuild lost proteins,  build new muscle tissue, restore glycogen stores, and enhance recovery. 

You can use Hemp protein powder as a post-workout drink by mixing it with any liquid of choice. This includes water, chocolate milk, almond milk, etc. You can also add hemp protein powder to your favoured protein meals such as salads, fruit yoghurt, low-fat cheese etc. 

Loading up on protein before bedtime

Protein shakes have extra advantages when consumed at bedtime. Studies suggest that protein ingestion before sleep increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis and strength gains. The benefits of a nighttime protein snack are best observed in athletes and daily exercisers.

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A 2019 study further demonstrated that consuming protein before sleep also heightens strength during resistance training and helps an individual workout for longer durations. 

Since solid food takes longer to digest, it’s often more satiating than a liquid supplement.  Adding Hemp protein to fibre sources such as vegetables, fruits, or whole grains like oats and /or beans make a good pre-sleep protein meal. 


Protein intake helps in muscle growth and repair and hence remains a popular supplement among athletes, bodybuilders, and active adults. Although consuming protein before and after a workout remains most sought after, drinking an extra protein shake before bedtime may provide additional benefits such as improved stamina, muscle size, and speed up recovery.

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