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How to use Hemp Oil to benefit the Skin?

Hemp oil is gaining popularity because of its organic therapeutic and nutritional benefits. It is a rich source of protein and essential high-quality nutrients. Hemp oil has been used as a remedy since antiquity.

In the present day, hemp oil finds increasing usage as an ingredient in food, medicine, and skincare. In this article, we have curated the most significant uses and benefits of hemp oil.

Keeps Skin Young and Healthy

One of the most common benefits of hemp oil is its effect on skin health. Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids which makes it an excellent choice for nourishing the skin. It also helps in protecting against inflammation, oxidation, and ageing. It also strengthens the skin’s ability to resist infections.

Hemp oil helps keep the skin healthy.
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Several scientific studies have found that hemp seed oil may be helpful in the treatment of skin conditions such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Lichen, Planus, and Acne Rosacea.

It’s Edible!

This has to be among the craziest health benefits of hemp oil. Around 49% of the weight of hemp seed is edible oil. It contains 76% of polyunsaturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids such as linoleic acid (LA, 54%) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA, 3%), and omega-3 fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, 17%) and stearidonic acid (2%).

Hemp oil is edible and can easily be added to our everyday diet.
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In addition, hemp seed oil contains 5-11% monounsaturated fat and 5-7% saturated fat. In comparison with other oils and fats, hemp seed oil provides 9kcal/g. It is comparatively low in saturated fat and rich in polyunsaturated fat.

However, it has a relatively low smoke point and is not suitable for frying. Thus, its prime use is as food oil and dietary supplement.

Keeps the Heart Healthy

Certain bioactive compounds present in the oil lower the blood cholesterol levels and protect the heart. The oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the optimal ratio of 3:1 and is thus beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Hemp seed oil helps keep the heart healthy.
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According to studies, the key benefits of hemp oil in the body is the reduction in cholesterol absorption. Consuming 30mL of oil every day for four weeks can reduce the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol thus promoting heart health. The essential fatty acids in hemp oil reduce the levels of unhealthy fats in the body and enhance cardiovascular health.

Improves Mood

Several studies show that essential fatty acids are important for maintaining brain function. The endocannabinoid system regulates the release of neurotransmitters, some of which play major roles in symptoms of illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

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Major health benefits of hemp oil come into play here because regularly consuming essential fatty acids gives the body the ability to produce these lipids and thus elevates the mood.

Beneficial during pregnancy

The benefits of hemp oil for pregnant women are also owed to omega-3 fatty acids. As per an American study, adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids is critical during pregnancy as they are the building blocks of the fetal brain and retina and also play a major role in preventing perinatal depression.

Hemp seed oil is helpful in pregnancy
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It also helps in preventing preterm delivery and promote an easier birth and the baby’s optimum lifelong wellness. However, more ground research is needed to support this. Some research highlights the ill-effects of hemp seed oil during pregnancy. Therefore, we recommend consultation from your physician.

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